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  1. B&R
    I've been on here in a long time Heidi wall haven't hunted for a couple years
  2. Cowboymike
    Hi! Everyone. Glad to be part of this forum.
  3. jacol84
    Spent some time today reserving strings from famous stringmakers, Boo, Jack Pine, and Danny Miller. Getting ready for some shooting time.
  4. CT.crossbower
    If I'm not in the woods, I'm thinking about the woods.
  5. Paul walczak
    Paul walczak TX_RDXguy
    Hello i was interested in that trigger kit for the centerpoint sniper whats the price please
    1. TX_RDXguy
      Hi Paul - Did I get you the info. on the Sniper trigger kit? It's $77 shipped.
      Feb 13, 2018
  6. bbahunter
    Where are you Big Joe?
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    2. bbahunter
      Hey big joe, get back on here! lol
      Feb 26, 2017
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    3. Joe
      LOL LOL Brian I have been...Hibernating

      Mar 26, 2017
  7. glassman_48
    darton viper s.s. crossbow archery hunter since 6 years old. tend to like things made in u.s.a. when ever possible :)
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  8. bbahunter
    nice to see Big Joe posting on here
    1. Joe
      It`s good be back among friends
      Dec 8, 2016
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  9. XBowAdmin
  10. Jackel
    Still looking for a 370 + fps recurve, prefer Excal
  11. Jackel
    Still looking...
  12. Jack Pine
    Jack Pine
    Enough youth! How about a fountain of smart for a change?
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    2. jacol84
      Sounds good. If you find one, I could use it too.
      Jun 4, 2016
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    3. Joe
      Hay Cal don't look here LOL
      Aug 15, 2016
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  13. B&R
    B&R Brubaker
    where in delaware do you live i am in harrington
    1. Brubaker
      Harrington also.
      Jan 22, 2016
  14. bbahunter
    I still have to the 31st, late bowseason in Rhode island
  15. Patriot
    Patriot XBowAdmin
    Time to cull the yotes..
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  16. XBowAdmin
    Big critter seasons are done. Now to take on Squirrels with the .22 LR and coyotes with the .17 HMR. Gotta stay in the woods!
  17. Canuck Archer
    Canuck Archer
    In a tree,hunting or working...........
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  18. ironhorse89
    Another deer season and another year I prove once again, at least to myself, why I'm still king of the scrub shooters!!
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  19. ehntr
    'Cattle tippin' winds for southern Alberta today. Forecast says 130 km/h!. Not hunting today :)
  20. Jack Pine
    Jack Pine
    I once killed 6 deer with one shot... Lucky shot? No, I killed one doe...