4 inch gateway feathers

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    I,m a fan an they will be my new fletching with offset or right helix as I see no difference with field points. I ,m sighted dead on at 25yds with my 20 inch zombies ,405 g gateways . my son left one of his 45 lb recurve arrows here ,that,s a gold tip traditional 600 ,30 inch shaft, 7.8g per inch shaft,.006 straitness ,4 inch gateways off set weight with 100g tip 375g. I took the vertical bow nock out an put a insert in for the nock. these 600 are for 30-34lb compound at 28 inches for this real weak spine arrow.

    Took it out in the wind this rainy morning ,shot it with the odd color gateway down 3 times at 25y off my bipod with a pillow ,first shot hit dead inline same as my floated zombies but 6 inches low.shot it 2 more times an it went in the same hole each time :eek: I don,t see how a weak spine long , .006 arrow can shoot like this but they do. can,t wait to fletch my 32 inch heritage .005 arrows with these gateways. Look out taps or any other high dollar arrows :p

    I just got done shooting it trying a different fletch for the cock vane . tryed the next vane an was dead inline an 1 inch lower than the real cock vane( all three shots made one hole just a hair larger) tryed next vane an 1 inch lower ,1 inch left from the real cock vane.(all three shots made one hole just a hair larger) shot my real cock vane 1 shot to check an hit same original hole as first test. I just put this new string I made the other day on after serving it this morning .10 shots total on this string an all hit the same hole on each different fletch group,with the number 10 shot with original cock vane hitting the same hole as first three shots :oops:
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    What length are your BEEs and Zombies?

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