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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Spine indexed and fletched 4 more of the Blood sport witnesses I got on clearance at wally world last summer for $1.50 each. I used 3" Zeon fusion vanes a buddy had sent me to try. They are 20" with 110gn inserts and weigh around 430gns with GT moon nocks and a 100gn head.

    I also cut down some BEE shafts to 19" and did them up with 4" Vane tech vanes. They are right around 426 gns with 110gn inserts and 100gn head.I may shoot them with 125 gn heads since they are shorter and the added foc may be welcome. I'll post pics of them later.

    Here's the pics of the Zeon Witnesses at 20 and 30 yards shot with My Sniper. The bow is sighted in for different arrows and broad heads so the poi is off but the groups look great:D

    20 yards 20181027_152928.jpg

    30 yards 20181028_121844.jpg
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    You got em dialed in!;) Ready to go for sure.:eek:
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    Great shooting !just don,t get much better than that with any arrows .
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    You can shoot well, Paul. I have to set up arrows for Little Franky, and it looks like 17.5 is the max length if I want to keep Truglos inside the foot stirrup. Guess I'll try my old BEEs first and see what they can do.
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    Thanks Jeff! Shooting off a rest I do pretty good. It could also be my cheap equipment though:D

    Here's the 19" Bee's. At least rumor has it they are Bee's. Sold by "Full quiver customs" on Ebay. The ad says they are spine aligned which they are not. .001's which they are real close. They come with the same vanes as factory Bee's and look just like them with 110gn inserts. No straightness/length stamp on them like Bee's. I got them about a year ago for $28 for 6 shipped. He's selling them now for $36 They shot ok when I got them and have been sitting since then. These 3 did ok.The spine deflection on them wasn't that great but seems about the same stiffness as the Bee's I have.https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2-Doz-16...OSSBOW-BOLTS/253527472256?hash=item3b076a3880

    Having some issues getting these vanes to stick. Seems the glue and acetone takes color off them as well. Could be my glue is getting old too. Any of you guys ever have any problems with Vane tech vanes sticking? Decided to try some 4" they seem pretty light for 4" and more rigid than other 4" vanes I've tried. These 3 did good until a vane came loose on 1. The GT nocks weigh a little more than most at 15gns but seem pretty concentric.

    Again not sighted in with them just testing groups. Didn't have time to shoot the other 3 it will be interesting to see how they do if I can get the vanes to stick.

    20 yards 20181104_161107.jpg 20181104_161157.jpg

    30 yards 20181104_162939.jpg
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    I guess it depends on how you hunt Jeff. I've never had to worry about it until I got this recurve. The stirrup was always way out there. With this Matrix I've tried 17.75" the arrow would just be inside the stirrup with a Swhacker. They shot fairly good. With a 18.5" its just past the stirrup. I know others shoot 18". The 18.5" are more accurate for me so I just let it hang out a little lol! Haven't had any real issues. I think I'd make a stirrup extension if it did rather than sacrifice accuracy. With that said I haven't shot that many under 18.5" and you may find some that work great without hanging out.
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  7. jacol84

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    Yeah, I'll have to figure it out, Paul. I have really liked setting the bow on the rail I have at the main stand, and if I do that with all my stands, it doesn't matter as much. I would agree on the length. I've always had an easier time getting fixed heads to shoot well with a 20" arrow than the 17.5" that I use on the SS. I have some stuff to experiment with before I have to buy new arrows.
  8. Stalker

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    Hey Jeff just thought I'd show you these 17.75" Easton 2219 Razors I refletched. They had 3" fusion vanes on them with the 60 gn inserts and didn't group that good. So I refletched them with some 2.5" Vane Tec vanes that are lighter at 6gns giving them a tad more foc. I had to switch cock vanes on the lower right arrow but after I did it grouped pretty good. Also the GT flat nocks for carbons .300 seem to work good using the bag shim in the 2219's. Dont know if 17.75 " will sit behind your stirrup but they will for me with the 350 and a 2"Swhacker. Just hope they fly good with them.If they do I think these vanes are going to be a happy medium between 2" and 3" vanes.

    435 gns with a 100gn point at 30 yards. Not sighted in for them and just shooting as a group. 20181116_164231.jpg 20181116_170304.jpg
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    Looks good Paul. Just made up 3 2219s - 17" with 150 gr. Ethics inserts and Firenock Ms with Vanetec Swifts. Haven't had time to weigh them yet.;)
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  10. Stalker

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    Not familiar with those inserts Jeff. Do they fit the 2219's tight? Whats the total arrow weight?
  11. jacol84

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    Paul, they are very well made. Great fit. I can't weigh them other than saying they are over 511 grains, which is the max for my scale. Going by my other aluminums and adjusting for the difference in insert weight, they should be between 525 and 530 grains. Ethics still has inserts for 2219s (.305) and carbons (.300) on clearance for $9.99 per dozen. I also got a dozen of their 90 gr. SS for the 2219s, and 2 dozen 150s for the carbons. Looking forward to seeing what they can do, but quick testing showed much better accuracy with broadheads than the famous 92 gr. double Tapp inserts.
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