Another turkey tail: My 1st bow kill

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Turkeys' started by robertyb, Apr 12, 2019.

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    I decided after taking my 2nd bird last Monday that it was high time to kill on with one of my crossbows. I choose my Matrix 330 simply because it has been a while since I have hunted with it. I called in a nice gobbler Wednesday but he stayed out of bow range so this morning I went to the same plot and set up in my Double Bull Matrix blind and put a hen decoy out about 10 yards in front of me.
    About 8:20 AM I thought i heard a gobble and knew if I did the bird must be close so I lightly made 3 yelps and laid my call down. As soon as I looked up I saw 2 nice gobblers walk into the edge of the plot right in front of me and one was staring direct into the blind window less than 20 yards from me. Both birds walked up to the decoy and the one bird went into strut while the other kept staring direct at me. About that time a gust of wind hit my decoy and made her spin like a top which spooked the heck out of the strutting bird which turned and started running back towards the woods. The other followed him but not as fast so I grabbed my bow while he was walking away and then both birds stopped for a couple of seconds and I thought they were going to come back. Then the strutter started walking towards the woods again so I picked a spot on the other bird's back and let fly with a 2" cut 100 grain Hypodermic on a BEE arrow. I saw it hit and when it did both birds ran off and I could see my fletchings sticking out of the bird's back. I was sort of worried that I had not made a good hit so I waited about 30 minutes before getting out of the blind but he had only gone about 40 yards before falling over. It is a lot better feeling than shooting one with a shotgun. I am limited out now but might go in the morning to call a bird for a friend if he can go. It has been a heck of a good season for me this year. :)
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    Congrats on the gobbler with the crossbow Robert.
  3. Masboy

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    Congrats ! your a turkey killing machine :oops:
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    Master turkey hunter -robertyb! Congrats!
  5. robertyb

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    Thanks guys. Like I said before, luck is a large part of it. I am lucky enough to have good hunting land that I have been hunting all my life so I have a pretty good idea where the turkeys might be.
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    There,s such a thing as bad luck ,but good hunters seem to have more good luck :p
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    Congrats Robert, any turkey taken with an arrow is a trophy to cherish! You have had a very good season indeed Sir.
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    Congrats! Gobblers are my favorite critters to hunt because they can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. Just when you think ya got em all figured out, they'll turn & walk away ;).
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    If that old gobble don,t get your eyes open wide , blood pumping your not a turkey hunter :p
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