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    “We are drawing a tine-line that places most bucks harvested at the upper end of 1 1/2 (years of age),” pointed out Stephen Demarais, professor of Wildlife Management at Mississippi State University, in discussing the harvest on Sunflower WMA.

    His statistics show a decrease of 19 inches of antlers in the Boone and Crockett (B&C) scores of 3 1/2-year-old bucks taken on the WMA since the 4-point rule was adopted. This is exactly the effect that some biologists forewarned, because the restrictive rule protects smaller antlered yearlings and allows the harvest of larger antlered yearlings.

    Graduate student Bronson Strickland, along with Demarais, Castle and others, produced a paper titled Effects of Selective-Harvest Strategies on White-Tailed Deer Antler Size. The study used antler measurements from pen-raised deer to simulate the effects of antler-based selective-harvest strategies on the breeding population for a number of years. Those findings were then compared to antler statistics from bucks harvested on Mississippi’s WMAs.

    The simulations showed that selectively removing a large proportion of the larger-antlered young bucks and leaving a large proportion of the smaller-antlered young bucks can reduce antler size of bucks at 4 years of age. The researchers found similar results when they compared antler development within ages for the four seasons prior to the antler restrictions (1991-1994 seasons) with those from the first three seasons after the regulations (1996-1998).

    The biggest effect documented in Mississippi was in the Delta region at Sunflower WMA."

    More info on link, but here in NJ the APR's haven't done what many thought they would.. APR rule.jpg

    Read more: http://www.gameandfishmag.com/hunting/hunting_whitetail-deer-hunting_ms_aa122902a/#ixzz52DQq3fGd
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    I'm on the fence for a lot of the APR, QDM rules. I dont know when deer hunting became antler hunting. Nothing seems to drive the industry and create more animosity between hunters than monster racks.

    That's not why I hunt nor is it what drives me to continue hunting. If I ever get a monster it will just be icing on the cake.
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    Antler restriction in Pa really seems to be working, with 3 points on one side, except the northwest part of the state wher a 4 on one side is in effcet.
    We are seeing bigger deer and much nicer racks, though many hunter's still dislike the restrictions, I feel they are a step in the right direction.
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    The one buck rule really has helped Indiana, we do have trophy deer as does every state, but they are smarter, and harder to hunt in most cases. I think regulations are required, and just hope that they really institute regs. for specific goals, and do that intelligently. One of the best rules Indiana put in is the earn a buck rule where you must take an antlerless deer to get the buck tag tag in reduction zones.
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    Personally i think QDMA is fine if you are managing your own property and you can control it.
    Other than that, on state land guys are going to take any legal deer, and thats called hunting, and their choice.
    I have my own goals hunting, with meat for the freezer being number one, but not to the point of shooting a fawn.
    Hunting is supposed to be a heritage and fun, not commercialized like it has become.
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    I can see the point I never thought of before of more little bucks breeding . but older bucks are the dominant ones ,smarter ,an chase the small bucks off from what I see hunting .with less of the larger bucks killed still lots of them for breeders. when I see deer paired up in the rut it,s most times with a larger buck . I think junior hunters should be allowed any buck of there choosing an if others need to kill a meat deer let them shoot doe if there,s plenty an leave the small bucks grow up.JMO
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    You make a good point about shooting does and not small bucks, and you also make the correct assumption IF there are plenty of does in an area. My area is the exact opposite, we actually have alot of bucks around all shapes and sizes. lol
    We have very few does for that area, which i have an idea why that is. (State land)
    So that said, when i had a fat 6 pt. walk up this year, i shot him with my vert bow, meat in freezer. ( state land)
    I have had all shot oppertunities at bucks this year, no mature does.
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    Not over loaded with doe around here an think we should not even have a doe season .PA wants that doe permit money no matter what :confused: I don,t know what you do in places like this, maybe different areas for ones that want to shoot any buck they choose,an other areas with antler restrictions .

    I use to see deer from my porch quite often in fields but don,t think I seen any the last 2 years .so wish they would leave the doe alone as we have mild winters with plenty of food as this is farm county.I have no use for the PAGC an they must all be wacky or democrats with there management . called money management I think :mad:
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    What i think happened in my state is they issued too many doe permits for my zone for too many years. Then they let you buy surplus doe permits online for other zones that have more does.
    Then guys are buying zone 11 tags and shooting does in zone 8 illegally and tagging them as zone 11.:mad:
    I have heard of this happening, and really pisses me off.
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    In NJ we have APR rules in select zones, Even according to Fish & Wildlife here which also give reference to the Delta study there is no benefit to " bigger " racks from this rule..

    Watching the " TV hunting " and seeing what they consider management bucks can be telling as I myself have not seen a 3pt rule on Bucks of tecomody ..lol!

    Here is in Jersey pending zone we seem to get double hammered. We have an APR, unlimited doe deer and or you can shoot 4+ bucks in the zones ( 3 pt or better ).. The button bucks are considered antler less and as far as I know there is no separate statistic to see how many of those are getting taken out..

    Imo,, I dont think it should be a trophy only hunt type or meat hunt only type.. I think the 2 ideas can work together to compliment each other.. Meaning let out X number of tags for a cull buck per hunter , but only allow limited amount of tags per season on trophy buck .. And as far as the unlimited doe issue,, limit it, take the ovens out of the woods can make any deer that way, that is just the states way to get numbers down.

    Issues for a state not doing well in deer quality.. Hunters will likely want to leave the state.. License fees go out the deer and economy for the state hurts and taxidermist and or sports shops lose out..

    Just my thoughts.. So far to date there has been zero evidence in NJ for APR's having any type of affect...

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