Black eagle zombie arrows

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Masboy, Jun 3, 2014.

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    I shoot them at 50 yards without any significant drop differential, compared to other bolts I shoot. I am not one to even weigh my bolts or arrows, I simply set them up and shoot. Utilitarian is my approach to near everything. I shoot these from my EM330 and they are deadly accurate. Granted, I use 100 gr broad heads. I am not a competition archer, I am a hunter, and even there, the bullseye is found with ease, and I don't need to be a bullseye shooter.
    Bingo! Well said. ;)
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    I know I am new here, but from my experience the only thing that has ever affected my accuracy with the Black Eagle Arrows Zombie Slayers, was a low hanging thin limb that I did not see in the dim light of the hollow I was hunting. I missed a nice 8 pointer (a clean miss) because of this. arrrg But they are deadly accurate and the Best arrows on the market, as far as I my opinion goes.

    And btw, xcaliber / 'ol Dan can set you up with some fine custom cut Zombies. :)
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    I'm like Brad ! I'm a hard core hunter ! I've got the executioners and love them ! Next I'm trying the Zombies , what amazes me is the consistently of Black Eagle Arrows .
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    20 inch be zs hard 2 beat

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    Same here Brad. I shoot Spynal Tapps w/100gr SF Edge's and I'm shooting 2" groups at 40yds all day long, that's good enough for me. I have to brag a little since I'm an old fart, I shot a doe last season, 30yds at dark thirty. Couldn't hardly see her except through my scope down in a swamp bottom. 1/4ing away left to right perfect plane through the back left ribs and out through the right shoulder. She didn't go 15yds. :D
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