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    these boys have there buffet breakfast every morning.the baby sleeps in my room under my covers most nights ,squirrel boys waiting outside my door every morning for me to come out an rides my shoulder down stairs .squirrel boy sleeps in a box on top the kitchen cabinets that he stuffed with moms paper towels,napkins ,he takes the napkins out of the holder, the towels he takes off the baby gets older we’re having squirrel fest as they chase each other all around .hide the nuts is the thing squirrel boy loves as we find them everywhere . mom delivers them to me with the old eye roll:p I tell her I never brought any of the animals we have in this house ,so blame someone else. I just take care of them:Dthey sure do keep visitors out as I meet them at the door an say ,I would invite you in but we have squirrels running around inside that bite .then I show them my arms with all the squirrel marks from there sharp claws an they freak out :eek:
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    I let squirrel boy go about a week ago back in the woods behind my home about 300 yds away. he kept crossing the road in front of my home as I let him outside for sometime to get use to being outside,i knew what would happen sooner or later if I didn,t get him away .so I screwed his box to a tree an hung a gallon jug of water from a branch back in the woods . I put nuts in th box an went back many times to see if I could see him but no sign of him,but the nuts were always gone as I brought more each visit.

    yesterday I took nuts an his favorite drink coke to set on his deck. like always I called his name an a head poked out of the box . he would not jump on my hand I held out or drink any coke but did take a nut from me,he then sat on a branch 5 feet from me for awhile then ran up a big tree an set there looking down at me.a hard thing letting my boy go but know it,s where he will be at his best doing what squirrels do.

    Little boys growing
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