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    2018 7 pt..jpg

    This is the same buck I saw last week. Today, he was pushing 6 does up the trail right at sunrise. He moved a little too quickly through an opening while broadside, and I didn't shoot. The doe he was really after turned and went back down the hill, but soon came back up. The other 5 doe were still between 15 and 25 yards away, and clear. Had to be careful. The doe he was after turned and headed away from the trail and away from me. He started to follow, but stopped, quartering away. The crosshairs found the spot, and the bow went off by itself. ;) He exploded into a long death run at the shot. He followed logging roads for a good bit of it. Ran about 150 yards, right back towards where I was parked. That was convenient for sure. The Patriot 380 had enough power to break the offside shoulder after passing through a lot of deer body. Didn't find the broadhead and front part of the arrow. Back of the broken arrow was inside the deer when gutting it.

    Edit: Titanium X 4 blade. Cut through two ribs going in, two going out, and put about a 1" gash in the back edge of the shoulder blade (did not break it.)
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    Way to go Jeff! nice buck! that,s how you break a bow in.
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    Nice buck Jeff. You have to love it when they run the right way. Mine seem to always go the wrong way.
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    Very Nice, congrats!
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    Nice job Jeff! Congrats on a nice buck.
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    Freakin' awesome Jeff, CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Iam very happy for you, nice buck !
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