Built Some Black Eagle Executioner Bolts

Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Vital Limits, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I mentioned to you he was at ATA ( 11th -13th ) ,, I talked to him the day he got back which I think was the 14th..I know he had to play some catch up which I can understand. As far as the price,, if you dont insure a product and dont send it priority mail you can ship a small item pack like broad heads or lit nocks maybe for about 3-$3.50 , the minute you stick insurance on the package its 1-2$ on top of that.. Basically Priority mail which is how I get everything from Firenock is going to be in the $5-6 range.. I just shipped 1 pack of Traumahawks with $50 insurance to a guy 1.5 hrs away in my state , the mailing fee was $5.60 So Firenock shipping prices are along the correct rate,,

    Stalker,, you dont have a Firenock dealer in your area you can get stuff from??
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    Not that I'm aware of but I will check.If not I know SSAS carries some Firenock stuff I'm not sure about flat or moon nocks.Their not listed on his sight.

    Usually $1 will get you $100 worth of insurance.Why I need that for $15 worth of nocks and Orings I'm not sure. $6 for 11 days is just bad CS imo.Like I said this wasn't the first time either.I think the last time he was out of the country on vacation or something.Maybe he should look into hiring somebody.I order stuff all the time on ebay.Usually shipping for such small inexpensive products is half the price and at least half the time.
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    I dont think you're going to escape the $5-$6 shipping cost from most manufactures lol! And I know the lit nocks are same price with orings if needed, but the replacement nocks only are an extra.. It is not cheap..
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    Probably not but they will get here a lot quicker lol!:D

    I just got back from the post office a little while ago.I sent the front end and trigger of my Excal to Ohio. $11.95. about a 10"x36"x5" box weighing 5 pounds. Came with $50 worth of insurance 3 days and 5 days was the same price. Yes I got more insurance and it was $5.65 for a extra $300.USPS charges more for insurance than UPS I believe.My total was $17.60 and it will be there Saturday. No comparison to sending a small envelope for $6 that takes 11 days is all I'm saying. The $50 of insurance is free.

    Maybe the USPS is taking Dorge to the cleaners to ship 7 little 10gn nocks but I dont think so.He's a smart man.:D
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    I ship USPS a few times a week,, although USPS tells you what day plan to have they do not guarantee the days.. 3 day small package item in Priority is a flat rate of $5.60 if I recall right with $50 insurance.. If you go envelope with no insurance it can be the same or a little less, but what are we talking $1-$2 , really... It probably cost $5 in gas to drive the package to the mail box..

    Like I said before " With some other suppliers, example Lancaster which is about a 2 hr drive from me if I were to order 1 peep sight that is a $19.00 order and weight about nothing their price starts at $5.95 and goes up $$$$.."

    Lancaster is probably the largest Archery supplier in the world,, Is the shipping carrier taking them to the cleaners too, are they not smart? No.. small items with little insurance are in the $5-6 dollar range. If you can save a dollar or 2 and get them from someone else, that has them in stock by you maybe do that, if they gotta to order them it comes from the same guy.. just saying..
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    Like I said before $6 in not a lot of money! I order and ship stuff all the time that is half that price and doesn't take 11 days! Just saying.

    He doesn't ship priority mail to me. The way I see it somebody is putting about a extra $2.75 or so in there pocket from I items I have shipped.No big deal but 11 days is ridiculas imo.

    Enough of all of this!
    How are those Black Eagles shooting?
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    Not to stretch this out but some companies feel the shipping charge is a shipping and handling fee. They charge the shipping cost plus a bit for the labor spent by the employee to pack the items
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    This build options shoots well,, I 've built these shafts a few different ways now for different cross bow hunters and recently some Raven shooters and they like it..
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    I agree.. My experince in shipping USPS on flat rate small box that comes with insurance has been $5.60 off top of my head.. I did first class last week with insurance and was still over $5 from USPS.. $2-3 ish dollar is possible in first class envelope with no insurance...

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