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  1. Masboy

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    Going to cabela,s ,Hamburg Sunday morning with my son to use our gift certificets. going in style as my son just bought a brand new Ford F-250 super duty,4door,short bed ,lariat ,4x4 diesel last night.6.7 450hp 900+ fpt :eek: getting breakfast an maybe his S&W460 :D I got coal today from our coal man a friend of ours an he told my son an I he has 2 guns he wants to sell ,rem 25-06 classic ,rem 300 Weatherby mag.

    My son sold him both some time ago an my son told him he wanted the 25-06 an maybe both. I told him I will give you the money for the S&W 460 an you can buy them. I said you just bought a new truck an now spending more :eek: he said I might just bring that gun over, I,m working on him:D:cool::p
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  2. xcaliber

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    Have fun, and enjoy the ride!:cool:
  3. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    A great day at cabela,s checking everything out. only thing they never have what I want most times. wanted some 45-70 rcbs cowboy dies (no have ) wanted warn 1 inch low rings either regular or quick detach(no have ) wanted 2 boxes of 350g 458 bullets (only had 1) bought a box of 300g ones,neoprene gloves .

    went to the bargain cave an son bought a trijicon rmr small red dot originally 550 marked down to 374 an a great deal. guess I should have bought the other one as they had 2,but didn,t know I would need it till we got almost home :eek: he said I'll swing by my house an pick up your S&W 460 :oops:

    Picked it up an he gave me 3 boxes of shells,set of carbide dies,2 boxes bullets . only fired the few shells that are empties in th one box I got.I traded him the old Marlin 93 I got from him an some cash for it. it already had my leupold pistol scope on it he was using an a high dollar set of rings. I will only use the scope for testing loads then it will get a tiny red dot like my son got today after I check his out if I like it.I love new toys:p
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  4. jacol84

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    Sounds good Frank. One of these times, I will have to meet you there and do lunch and a brew. Felt like crap all this week.
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  5. Masboy

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    I thought about that when I first posted an thought you might chime in if not busy an mabye meet us there . meeting two of us at one time would probley be to much,but this son an I are the closest to normal ones ,my other 2 sons are the simple ones but very entertaining :eek::p heck I would have made my son buy us lunch :p one of these days I would like to get together an meet you an oppie an anyone else not real far away.
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  6. Oppie

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    Way back when Moby Dick was still a minnow I had a Rem 700 in 25-06, I couldn't get it tuned quite right for some odd reason so I swapped it for a

    Ruger 77 in 25-06, still have that one. I never got bit by the Weatherby bug, they just seemed to be overkill for anything in Pa and just to expensive to shoot much.
    One of these days we shall meet, be a overnight for me cause I'm just far enough away from you guys to make it tough for a day trip.

    That was me last week, I'm doing better this week, I think I need to spend a few days on a beach with toes in the Ocean with a fruity concoction in my hand :D.
  7. jacol84

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    Bruce, you are reminding me of the dumbest thing I ever did with guns with that one. As I've probably said before on here, I bought my Husqvarna 8000 ('06) with the Vari-X 2 2-7 in '76 for a whopping $225. A few years later, I was able to get a newer version of the same gun, now called the Carl Gustaf, in perfect condition, with a vari-x 2 in 3-9, in 25/06. Best shooting gun I've ever had. If I didn't mess something up, or shoot too fast for the sporter weight barrel, that thing would shoot under 1/2" with any decent load from 75-120 gr. bullets. So of course, I eventually sold it.:rolleyes: Can't say I'd really have used it much. Not many places to blast groundhogs with a 25/06 around here anymore, and I've yet to take a trip west for pronghorns/mulies. Oh well.:(

    Was talking to Brian via email, and touched on the subject of a get together. Not sure where would be a central location, but it sure would be fun.:D

    Happy and prosperous New Year to all.:D
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  8. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Yep, I hear ya. Back in 70's four of us kept a running ground hog competition for a couple of years, one year I won the First one of the Season by taking one off a snowbank in march :D. Managed to tag two Caribou in the Hudson Bay area back in 04 and that's about the last I used the .25 cal. Yep she worked good on caribou, they went down like they were hit with lightening :). I used Nosler Partition 120 Grain Bullet quite often in it or Sierra 117 BT-HP.
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