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  1. Masboy

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    went to the one in Delaware at Christiana mall , smaller than the Hamburg one but never crowded an no sales tax. checked out the bargin cave first as always an never know what you will find. couple nice ten points,a matrix grizzly ,a Barnett I think. they have more bullets,22 rimfire shells than th Hamburg one. I got some starline brass,hornady bullets,primers an son got a couple cartons cci 22 rd Blazers .

    Checked out the animals,2 big peacock bass in the tank that are pretty fish. then a red robin burning love burger,steak frys. now back to watching the mother inlaw as the wife went to work :mad:o_O
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    At least part of the day was great!:p:D
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  3. Masboy

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    Just kind of takes something away from the day ,knowing what you have to go back too :confused:

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