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Discussion in 'Carbon Express Crossbows' started by Mike41, Mar 12, 2015.

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    image.jpg If anyone reading this is thinking about buying a zCarbon Express crossbow. I would like to help you with your decision with a little insight on their customer service.
    The easiest way to give you an accurate assessment would be to give you a 1-10 rating. Carbon Express customer service is easily a 10. They always answer the phone. They are very fast and to the point. Simply tell them what is wrong and within 10 seconds you are assigned an R. A.#. They don't ask "are you the original owner"!!! They simply want to get the malfunctioning product back and either fix it or give you a new one.
    They answer Tech questions with their own room on Crossbow Nation. The Techs. Read everything posted in the C. E. Room and respond immediately!! The company is THE BEST COMPANY IVE EVER DEALT WITH HANDS DOWN!!
    I've had some minor problems with accesories and they simply gave me new ones. I had a sliver on one limb recently they put all new limbs hardware string and cables on and sent my bow back within a week!! Great people awesome company. Hope this is helpful in your next bow purchase decision.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Their bows look pretty good and the Supercoil is nice.
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    Your welcome!! I'm hearing nothing but good feedback on the Supercoil!! I just talked a fellow into buying one and he is ecstatic with the bow!! He was gonna buy the Ghost 410 but he said the SuperCoil is Plenty fast and feels super solid!!
    I'm happy with my CX-2!! 30 years of crossbow hunting and I've owned some of the best bows. My CX-2 is leaps and bounds better than any bow I've ever shot. They have REAL HEAVY triggers, but I don't even notice it anymore!! I will pay for an aftermarket trigger as soon as one is available. All the new C. E.'s have awesome triggers now. 3.5#-2.5# break!!
    I will buy the Horton Storm as my next bow!! I will wait another year and buy either the newest C. E. Or Horton. Whichever I like the most!! TOO TOO MANY PROBLEMS with other bows! I'm sticking to C. E. And Horton only!!!

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