CenterPoint Sniper 370 - Loaded With Nice Upgrades

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    I put this Sniper together in 2016 and it's been at my AR deer lease as a backup to my Storm. I put a trigger kit in it early this year, swapped the forearm, shot it a few times and took it back to camp. It's been there for two seasons now, unused and collecting dust so I brought it home. It's got maybe 200 shots on it from new and is in excellent condition.

    Here is how it's built:
    - A TenPoint RangeMaster Pro scope with flip open lens covers, original lens covers along with the original
    CP 4X32 scope included
    - It has a trigger upgrade (3.5-4 lbs / 3/16" LOP)
    - FabDefense GL-Shock but stock with adjustable cheek rest and the original but stock included
    - An ultimate gun sling and the original CP sling as well
    - A Specialist forearm
    - Limbsaver Twist Lox limb dampners (3 per limb)
    - Quiver with four TenPoint/Horton hunting arrows and four light ready SSAS Tactical Tapps
    - A Center Point soft case
    - Rope cocker
    - CP rail lube
    - Four Grim Reaper Carnifour broadheads

    This package was well beyond $900 and I'd like to get $500 for it.

    The Sniper package was purchased from Overton's on 7/27/16.

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    Oooohhhhh you got me thinking....
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    And I'm an expert packer ;)

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