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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by carch4, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. carch4

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    Hello Xbow bro's????
    question what do you wear for socks, and boots in extreme cold weather. I use Wool with 1000gr insulated rubber boots, but it doesn't seam to help after 4 hours or so in the loc-on stand.. I have tried everything, to bring a extra pair in, and change out on stand, from feet sweating walking to stand, any suggestion...
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  2. 8ptbuk

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    Not super cold here in VA. but I wear Much Boots and make sure my socks are dry and not tight on My feet. A good Cabela goose down vest to keep your heart and lungs warm and top it off with a under amor beenie. Your biggest problem is probably poor circulation sitting in your stand . Probably alot better stuff to be had than I can afford ! Lol
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  3. Oppie

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    That would be my guess also. I wear two pairs of cotton socks an 1000gr Lacross knee high boots but I don't set for that long, a couple of hours and I have to get up and move for bit and get my blood circulating again.
  4. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Get you a pair of the foot warmers that go over your boots, and wear lighter boots 7 socks so you don't break a sweat on the way in. Also wear enough clothing to your stand to keep cool, but not freeze, then layer up at the stand after you cool down from your hike in. Works for me. I'm thinking this year I might be a heater body suit.
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  5. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Boot dryer's are a must for rubber boots also.
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  6. bbahunter

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    Like Dan said, the boot blankets work well i have a pair. He also touched on the heater body suit which i don't have any experience with but i would think it would work well with hunting with a crossbow.
    With the heater body suit you can go in to your spot with lightweight clothing and boots, then get into the heater body suit and stay warm. My buddy does have a HBS, and likes it.
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  7. jacol84

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    I guess I'm just echoing what others have said. I've never owned a pair of boots that I could walk any distance in, then would keep my feet warm. As is my M.O. :rolleyes: I made a pair of "boot blankets" out of closed cell foam many years ago. They worked well, and I gave them to a friend who mostly sits in a well built "permanent" tree stand from dawn till dusk most days. I would think real Boot Blankets or something equivalent would be your best bet. The Heater Body Suit sounds like a good concept too, but I've never used one of those. Keeping your head and neck warm is really important too. I probably have as big or bigger problem with my hands as my feet.:rolleyes:
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  8. Stalker

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    It doesn't take much for my feet to get cold. I tried the little hand warmer packets for you feet.They worked surprising well and were not as uncomfortable as I thought they'd be.If I were doing a lot of hiking they might not be good. For a 4-5 hr sit you might have to replace them 1 time. If you look around this time of year you can usually find them on sale for dirt cheap. I got a butt load a few years back for next to nothing.
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  9. xcaliber

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    Once the teeth start chattering, it's over for me. I'm usually a victim of the feet getting cold first as well. I do wear 400 gram boots until it gets under 40 F then break out the 1200 grams. I bought some blended wool socks from Cabelas that were around $25 a pair, and they help. Feet get sweaty, then you sit, you're done in a couple hours tops. I then do the stalking game if the property is conducive for that type of hunting. Many years ago it paid off pretty well for me, I just so had a spot that I had could walk into the wind for a good part of my way out. I came up behind a nice 8 point buck looking to slip into a thick bedding area, he did not make it! He turned broadside at 31 yards, and I already had ole smokey shouldered up. I got a fat doe like that too. Don't leave the woods before the other guys do, even if you have to get down & creep around.
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