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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by MI_Bowhunter, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Last Wed was the opening day of the firearm deer season here in MI so I took the day off to hunt with some buddies. I know it's not directly crossbow related but I thought you might like seeing the videos. I enjoy hunting all the seasons. I often hunt the firearm season with my bow but this year I am hunting with a new rifle I assembled myself that complies with new rules in our "shotgun" zone.

    It was pouring rain but I still saw 24 deer over the course of the day with at least 3 unique bucks. The only ones within shooting distance were a few does which I just videod and let walk.

    I got to see a lot of activity, including two bucks sparring. That was a first for me and absolutely made my day. That took place about 700 yards across the field so I got to see it in the binos but could not video it.
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    Cool! I waded across a big creek one time to sneak up on 2 nice bucks I spotted from a tower line that were sparing across the creek on the edge of the woods. I got within 40yds sneaking up in the edge of the woods but took one last step toward the clearing for a clear shot an away they went,my bow hand was pretty shaky anyway so a good thing I guess .was one of my most exciting hunts.
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    Thanks for sharing, you had a good day indeed! Other than the rain anyway, I hates hunting in the rain but the deer move in the rain and it knocks the scents down a lot so I do hunt in the rain :D. The bucks sparing are cool, I saw a couple of matches this fall when the bucks were feeling all frisky with nothing better to do.
    Interesting your season starts on Wed., In Pa it's Mondays or Saturdays for openers.
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    It always opens on the 15th.

    There have been pushes to change it to start on a weekend to get more people out there but to many the tradition has always been the 15th so they haven't changed it.

    Bow always starts Oct 1 and gun on Nov 15th, most small game on Sept 15th.

    Funny spring turkey seasons always start on a Monday and typically end on a Sunday. The late spring season ends on May 31.
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    Cool! Pa tradition is the Monday after Thanksgiving is Buck rifle opener, doe depends on the wmu. The first archery opener is either the last Sat in Sept. or the first Sat. in Oct, some wmu's open two weeks earlier. You need a Pocket guide to keep up to date here.
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