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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by Steve, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Anyone here ever used Smoke for cover up?

    I have been reading where people actually use a Bee smoker, and oak leave and such to smoke their gear.
  2. ironhorse89

    ironhorse89 Member

    I have. I read about it a few years ago. Actually built a smoker out of 2 metal coffee cans then someone was nice enough to give me a bee smoker. I don't use it in early season only after the weather cools off and people start burning wood stoves or fireplaces. Works awesome!!
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  3. ehntr

    ehntr Member

    Not trying to be a wise guy :) so if you don't find this helpful just ignore it. Some thoughts on this... Can you really hide your scent? Do cover scents work? By using charcoal impregnated clothing or applying a scent to your clothing or in the air around you? There are a vast number of products on the market that say you can. One thing for sure.................a dog will track you no matter what you are wearing or what scent you apply to yourself. I have a buddy who smokes cigarettes one after the other while hunting......and he is successful. Tobacco smoke, oak leaf smoke........what's the diff? Light up a Cuban and ponder the world..........while in your stand. Hey, I don't smoke anymore (after inhaling and exhausting toxic chemicals for years) I'm not condoning any of this:). The best cover is the wind in your face;) and it doesn't hurt to have on clean clothes washed in unscented soap with no UV brighteners. After getting my clothes in that condition, I don't go applying anything to them. Slap some of this on.....only when hunting does.....................but you never know if a strange buck comes a lookin' for some luvin'


    Sometimes I use scents that attract............urine based the rut. Apply on a well used trail, 20 yards from my stand. Moose or deer always stop to sniff this stuff (not the Old Spice lol).
  4. Jack Pine

    Jack Pine Active Member

    I've been contemplating getting a bee smoker for this purpose, but also because I have some fruit trees and am considering getting a hive.
    Bottom line though, EHNTR is 100% correct; no cover scent beats having the wind in your face, but even the wind in your face won't work if they see you move.
  5. ironhorse89

    ironhorse89 Member

    Interesting. I have to agree that being downwind of a deer is the best way to beat his nose. Having said that, at least here in WV you dont always have ideal hunting conditions. Sometimes no wind, sometimes swirling winds, sometimes the wind changes all together. If I only went hunting when conditions were perfect, I wouldnt be in the woods very much. In the area where I live there are more houses and farms that burn woodstoves than houses that dont. I have 2 indoor woodstoves and an outdoor wood furnace. Ive sat in a treestand quite often and was able to smell the smoke from woodstoves in just about any direction. This may account for the success that Ive had using woodsmoke as a cover scent. Im not saying everyone should use it and Im not saying it will work everytime. I can only tell you that I have never, not even one time, had a deer spook or blow when he wound up downwind from me. They have sometimes stopped and looked around and some have walked around me but never blew and ran away. Again as I stated in my previous post, I dont use smoke until my neighbors and myself start burning our stoves. Ive spent a lot of money on doe pee and other "must have" items that will have them come running to you saying shoot me, shoot me but Ive had as much success using vanilla extract. Never tried the old spice, Ill have to look into it........;)
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