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  1. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Are any of you guys setting leg hold traps for these dirty dogs vs hunting them?

    I'm going to give it a try. Season opens July 1 so I've got a six trap kit from Minnesota Trapline Products on the way. I chose their 550 trap vs the standard Bridger.


    There is quite a bit of trap setting info. on video which is helpful but any advice/tips on where/how to setup would be much appreciated.
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  2. bbahunter

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    Unfortunately here in Massachusetts, you have to be a licensed trapper with the state to be able to trap predators etc.
    So, we have to hunt them over bait, at night or calling, or all of the fore mentioned.
    The fawns don't have a chance against the predators when very young.:mad:

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  3. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Furbearer trapping for coyote can be done without a license in AR. Night hunting is an option but it will impact my normal hunting and add traffic, so that's a last resort. The coyote population is really taking off and I'm sure I won't make much of a dent in that with traps but it might give a few more fawns and turkey chicks a chance.
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  4. Wapinheimer

    Wapinheimer Member

    Sounds like you have done some reading and research on trapping already...I would add wear everything rubber ,at least your gloves and boots. You will need to boil those new traps in something to remove the new smell...

    Be sure and anchor the traps with some strong stakes or your traps will be gone..they are strong buggars..
  5. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Yes, a little. I've got Dobbins book and there are quite a few videos out there on setting dirthole traps. I'm having the traps plated black which should help with smell and rust vs dying them. Roger that on boots, knee bag and gloves. Rubber or plastic. Thanks!
  6. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    A friend of mine has a 30 acre ranch northwest of my home here in north Texas. Over the past two months his family of 8 ducks has gone down to just one. He knows it's been the local coyotes killing them because they hear them close to the ranch calling at night and there's scatt here and there.

    I went out there Sunday and put four traps out and this one is only 40 yards from his house.

    One less well-fed wild dog....

    1st Coyote.jpg
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  7. bbahunter

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    Awesome! Great job , i bet he wouldn't look you in the eyes did he?
  8. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    Nope, I think he saw the 45....
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