Crosman Centerpoint Sniper, AKA Man Kung XB 52

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, Aug 23, 2016.

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    This crossbow has taken other forums by storm, but I have not seen it discussed here. Made by Man Kung, it is a very respectable performing bow (about 350 fps with 415-425 gr. arrows) and generally lists for $299. Several places have had them on sale for $249 (Cabelas sale from 8/25-9/7 as an example). Crazy price for a crossbow with an aluminum flight rail and that performance. Very tempting. Of course, the arrows and scope are likely throw away items (like most package arrows and scopes). If my longer DTM (bba magnum) wasn't almost the exact same performance and 2# lighter, I probably would give in and just get one out of pure curiosity. The Field Archer even reported that he has adjusted string and cables without a bow press. To add to that, this bow can be let down without shooting like most recurves. Just a crazy deal. Just wanted to pass this along if any members here might be interested.
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  2. bunyip slayer

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    For that price,sounds allright
    i think man kung have been makeing crossbow longer then barnett or horton.not sure tho.
    my mk commando is over 20 years old.
  3. Masboy

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    Sounds like a deal ! I see many Barnett jackals around an they are not in that class for the money the way it sounds. beside that I lost a bit of my thumb on my only shot with one :confused::p
  4. jacol84

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    Oh, NO!:eek:
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  6. CaptainEW

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    I bought my Crosman 370 Sniper back in Oct. The quality of machine work, finish, fit, and function is great---especially considering the price (mine was $280 to my door). Having a lot of various components laying around looking for a home, I basically took my bow to the bare platform and brought it to my specs. I love the AR type platform removed the forearm and added a forward pistol grip, a variable scope, heavy duty 4 bolt rings, quick release pic rail flashlight mount, went to a Parker Red Hot roller cocker, can the 20"arrows (junk). With my add ons, Im still half of my Mission cost and I can shoot rings around it with the Sniper.

    Started with a variety of 2219 shafts going long (22.5") and working down at 19.5" with a 125 gr Swhacker shot extremely well. Still wanting to play, went to a 19" with a little improvement, then an 18" arrow (plenty of relief to allow the Swhacker to clear at the chisels). The 18" 2219 with a 100gr looked good, wanting to gain a little FOC --I changed out the 100 gr to the 125gr head and it went to a nail driver (scarey accurate and repeatable) now chronos 366 - 368 FPS. And is now the best offhand shooting bow I have......getting ready to send some of my bigger buck bows down the road and buy another as a back up bow. The old doe I took with it last month was a 36 yard heart pass thru with a 19.5" 2219 and a 125 swhacker, upon impac went to a mule kick, landing head first got up and went 20 ft to a dirt nap. Heck of a bow for the money IMO.
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  7. Delta-Stan

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    I follow that crossbow since it hit the German market.

    Until now I prefer recurves, I got no idea how to handle cams and cables, how to keep they whole system in timing.

    The recurves were NEVER disappointing, I took a nice hog with my CS225 in Slovenia this October.

    In all forums we read nothing but positive reviews about the Sniper 370.

    In Germany they sell it as: Man Kung XB52..................and one hour ago I ordered it for 230 Euros !

    I hope the yellow truck will be at my house on Saturday morning, can't wait.

    Still a recurve-fan-boy ( and always will be ) ......but the MK was itching way too much !

    be safe

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    Stan (and others), for your reading pleasure.

    I know The Field Archer made a video of decocking the XB 52 (page 2 of first link), and also how to adjust string and cables by partial draw (about 1/4 draw or less), and padded screwdrivers, so you can adjust the string and cables without a bow press. I think he has a web site with his videos. A quick search on his thread I couldn't find that video, but I know I watched it a while back. Compounds are really about keeping the cams rotating in synch. Minor differences in the actual timing of both cams is very fine tuning. Get them rotating together and the nock should travel straight down the rail horizontally. Hope you really enjoy the XB 52.:)
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  9. CaptainEW

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    It's not that difficult to maintain. Have had several compound crossbows and as Jeff indicates above its pretty much cam timing and axle to axle gap. One big quality issue can be where the string nests in the nock----my Sniper string is directly in the center of the half moon when cocked and locked. Many Barnetts are below or high in the half moon and apply pressure to the shaft on the flight rail. My Sniper is a perfect alignment to the nock center, the arrow lays perfect the entire length of the flight rail. The machine finish on the flight rail is very high quality a drop of Scorpion venom on the rail and it's smooth and slick. But you will immediately notice how compact the crossbow is overall, it's a dream carrying around in the woods...................but with the right arrow, she packs a lot of punch in that little package!

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  10. bbahunter

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    Eric, how long is the sniper 370 from the end of stirrup to the stock in the collapsed position?

  11. CaptainEW

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    Sorry have been in my blind-----35" from the end of the stirrup to the end of the stock collapsed (almost 4" of stock adjustment available). 24" wide relaxed, 18" wide cocked. My scope adds a pound (Redfield Revenge) but the bow as I hunt with it comes in at 7.5 lbs and that's with the forearm replaced to a vertical grip and a stream light and quick release pic rail mount.
    I use a Catquiver back pack---so no quiver on the bow, also not a sling lover.

    There is one problem with this bow as received, there is a automatic safety lever on the port side of the bow, the rope cocker as received drags on the auto safety lever housing. I tried grinding away some of the stock rope cocker hook (which made me nervous-due to the pressure on this hook). I resolved all issues on my Sniper by going to a Parker Red Hot Roller Cocker. These hooks glide up the fight rail up as the rollers are in contact with the flight rail margins and up and over the auto safety lever housing. I now use it on all of my bows- very easy smooth cocking action, little effort. (was $30 well spent)

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the info.
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  15. OldschoolBH

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    Went ahead and ordered one Eric! No sense to waste time and it's a great cocker to boot.
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  16. OldschoolBH

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    Dang. I should've waited.......
  17. Delta-Stan

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    I'm a recurve man and always will be.

    Last Thursday I ordered the XB though and the yellow truck came to my place on Friday. Just one day, that's fast delivery from Leipzig to Düsseldorf.

    I opened the package and thought I got a toy.

    Compared to my recurve crossbows, this one is a tiny toy.

    The manual is joke, in Germany they give you an English manual :) , the pictures are lowest quality, you can't see anything on them, this manual doesn't help at all.

    Assembling is not a big problem, just one thing is a bit confusing and I made a mistake.

    There is a cable guide with 2 holes of different size in it. After I assembled the crossbow, I noticed that the crossing cables touched each other.

    I noticed it after I'd shot a couple of arrows. There was no problem shooting the bow with the touching cables but I thought, something is wrong.

    OK, I unscrewed the riser again and turned the cable guide, now the cables don't touch each other.

    If I look down on my riser, string towards me, the front side with stirrup facing away from me, the cables are crossing on the left side of the bow.

    In that position, the "deeper" hole of the cable guide is towards the riser, to the front, to the stirrup.

    Do it that way and the cables are separated.

    I shot the bow inside my flat and in the basement. This is my first compound and I was surprised, almost no noise.

    The scope is nothing special but I like the circles in it. It is very clear and I didn't find anything real "bad" yet.

    Cocking the bow was confusing, I used my Excalibur rope cocking aid, pulled it, the bow could not be cocked. The hooks touched the safety and pushed it on "safe".

    I took the MK rope cocking aid, shortened it and it worked without any problem. BTW, in Germany they sell the package with the rope cocker that was on recall by Centerpoint. Using it with the hooks facing down, it's ok.

    Shooting the bow is a lot of fun, cocking is is much easier than on my recurves, the bow is light weight, much smaller than my "monsters", very easy to move it around, I like it.

    Yes Sir, I would buy it again.........BUT, I still prefer my old style recurves, this compound is a bit confusing me, many moving parts and I don't know yet how to keep everything in timing.

    It will be learning by doing :) .

    Maybe this changes with time, but right now I still trust my recurves, the Chace-Star killed a hog for me.

    be safe

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  18. CaptainEW

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    Don't get hung up on cam timing or worrying about cams going out of time, this usually comes with heavy string wear after a lot of shots. I have a Barnett that has over a thousand shots (with heavier arrows) on the original string, and I have neve touched the cam timing yet.

    I will shoot you a PM

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  19. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    You guys better stop ! your making me want one an a honest 370fps is a powerful bow! I have no problems with a coupound if I could work on it an do everything myself .
  20. Delta-Stan

    Delta-Stan Member


    Frank, YOU will not have any problem with that bow, I've seen so many of your postings that proved your knowledge of crossbows and how to mod them.

    To be honest, I didn't need that xbow, I wanted to OWN it, that's all and I'm happy that I bought it.

    As you know, I trust my old recurves, this compound is something new, something else, something strange to me.

    All I can say, get one of them asap, you will have a lot of fun ...and for that price, you can't go wrong with it.

    be safe


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