desert hawk/sa sports crusader recurve 225 lbs package

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    ok Bought ,myself this for xmas as my first crossbow and I'm very pleased with it. and first ever review, so here goes nothing ,,. also seen this bow under the name sports crusader,.

    desert hawk is made by .Poe Lang) (Taiwan).

    xbow 200 notes, 80 notes for the bag

    Purchased from bowsports .. easy friendly customer support...... ONLY 1 YEARS WARRANTY THO...

    gave me free string.... , and waiting for re-stringer to seal the deal. as it was listed in the package at time of purchase.. happy days


    Weight : 3.4 kg (7.48 lbs)
    Length : 36.5 inches
    Draw Weight : 225 lbs
    Limb : Compression Moulded Fibreglass
    Stock : Reinforced Composite
    Velocity : 330 Feet/Second
    Width: 35″ - Width: 28.3" (Cocked)
    String Length: 35.4"
    28 Strands

    Package Includes
    Recurve Crossbow
    High Quality 4x32 Scope
    Quiver & 4 x 20" Bolts
    Rope Cocking Device
    Small Wax (not in competitors package)
    Safety Goggles
    Padded Sling
    re-stringer , but they removed it now lol

    crossbow 1.JPG

    crossbow 1.JPG

    sorry scissors not included .
    when i opened the box i thought wow, this thing looks well made, instructions for, bow/scope. Allen keys came with it ... took me 30 mins to assemble, didn't need instructions , its all common sense . love This thing is HUGE!

    crossbow 1.JPG

    brace height for this xbow is 2 7/8"

    crossbow 1.JPG

    crossbow 1.JPG

    crossbow 1.JPG

    i have been firing it indoors lol , don't ask room to kitchen. at target bag rammed with packing shrink wrap , works a treat
    sighting in was a doddle , second shot outdoors. setting sights 30m this happened ,,

    crossbow 1.JPG
    crossbow 1.JPG

    don't aim same place twice... note to self...

    this things could drive nails , after that happened ^^^^^^ i felt like robin hood and was chuffed ..

    will be working on longer target shots, as i am from the uk hunting is illegal. but live in the sticks and have loads of fields to choose from,. some are huge , so planning 100m+ targets

    so overview.........Over all I feel like I made a really good purchase, first impression of this bow was, WOW, impressive. first day of shooting and cocking this, i could feel the burn, in arms the next day , didn't know i had muscles there pmsl.. used to it now tho

    this thing feels good in your hands, and is finished well
    its perfect fit. feels right , sturdy and rugged , it is perfect ..

    The limbs are WIDE, it won't even fit through a doorway when un-cocked and held level.. The four 20" carbon arrows that come with it seem cheap but also seem straight.

    The quick detach quiver is nice and works as it should.

    i bought loads of broadheads 100g , for the zombies, or hunting , if the uk goes boobs up and need to hunt . pmsl zombies
    the bow don't eat or drink so its a good preppers tool... must have in my eyes

    with me mr pine Flemish twist string.. booyah

    crossbow 1.JPG

    THE RAG BAG , target/boss filled with shrink
    just thought i'd show......

    the rag bag, filled with packing shrink wrap ..very light and portable. just showing bolt doesn't go through. easy to retrieve using broad head. close range.
    "there's no need for big bulky heavy target bosses"

    i know the music lol thought it to be fitting

    powerful and very accurate....... i likes it lots, ....THIS THING GOT BEEF!! just wish i could have a hunt with it. thanks for reading all

    as always feedback good or bad , please feel free... to drop a line here.. atb bow
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    Good review! I came close to buying one of these a few years ago, but ended up getting a used Middleton. It looks like a solid bow. Poe Lang seems to make a number of bows that look to be well made. I believe Delta Stan has something similar.
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  3. Masboy

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    That,s a fine looking bow! nice review an don,t see how you can beat that price. like that high built in cheek rest an the look of the rig. shop close to me wants 45$ for a excalibur string :confused: I like to buy things made close to home but 1299$ for a 405 that,s 400$ extra an still a junk scope for an inch or two of rail :confused: just don,t set well with me :mad:
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  4. Jack Pine

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    Ian, I can't tell from the pix, does your bow have anti dry fire? Do the string claws release from the top or from the bottom? I really like that copper anodize on the rail and riser.
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    I got the Desert Hawk and the Jandao Chace Star, both 225 lbs.

    The Desert Hawk has an automatic safety and an ADF.

    The Chace Star got a manual safety system and NO ADF, the ADF scope rail from Excalibur might fit.

    On both crossbows the claw opens upwards and forces the string to stay on the rail during the release.

    Both xbows are tack drivers ( new scope on both bows ), I like them a lot. For the money you can't go wrong with them.

    They are big...the Chace Star is even bigger and heavier than the DH.

    When I shot them for the first time, the triggers were a bit "scratchy". It got better the more often I shot them.....and a bit of WD40 and silicone spray did the trick.

    Both crossbows are inexpensive but NOT CHEAP.

    They might need some "fine-tuning" but then both of them will shoot as good as "Porsche and Mercedes crossbows".

    The Desert Hawk used to have some burrs on the claw, I polished it and now its fine.

    To each his own, I'm fine with my "riceshooters".

    be safe

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  6. bow

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    big thank you to you all for dropping in,.. and taking a peak..., cheers Stan for answering the question^^^^^^

    no problems with the claw, its been great .. love everything about this bow. built really well, feels warm.... doing me proud
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  7. OldschoolBH

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    The price is well worth the quality of the bow. Great deal and a great hunting bow IMO. JP's strings are the finishing touch and will give you that 330fps.
    I would recommend getting with Jerry at SSAS for some Spynal Tapp arrows.

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