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    It took me a while before I finally decided that I wanted to use my quiet SS for 3D this year, as well as for a hunting backup to the Patriot 380. I shot 3D with 16" XX75s last year, and liked the way they pulled from the targets, but I wanted some more length to try and save the fletching from some of the clubs older, softer targets. Last year, I shot the same bow but with my 32" limbs, at around 285 (according to the scope). This year with the black SS limbs, the scope says 330. A sane person could just shoot it like this and be happy, but, well...:rolleyes:. I am a odd duck in that the TR 525 doesn't really work for my eyes in really low light. The unlit Luepold heavy duplex works much better, so I sighted in the hunting 415 gr. Tapps for 30 with crosshairs and 40 bottom duplex. The TR is sighted in with the 450 gr. aluminums. I do really like the multiple aiming points for 3D and the illumination works great on black bear and boar targets on a cloudy afternoon. These aren't high quality rings, so I know I'll at best be in the ball park when I switch back to hunting mode in September. I will still be way ahead of last year when I had to switch limbs and all.;) The Tapps were pretty much right on other than called shots where I drifted off the spot. The XXs need to have some nock turning and then refletching to 2" Fusions before 3D, but that starts after July 4th. I will need to shoot from my field pod if I really want to sort arrows. Just too much shooter induced error with the Ready-Shot to learn a whole lot. Still love shooting this bow though. Every time I do, I remember that I don't really need to buy one of the new shiny toys the "industry" came out with in 2018.;)
    6:7 SS convertible.jpg 6:7 Tapps @ 30.jpg 6:7 Tapps @ 40.jpg 6:7 XX75s at 40.jpg
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    Looks like a shooter to me, Jeff!
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    Well, today I converted the SS back to hunting mode. Leupold back in place and took the first shots at the bag at 30. Very pleased to see it didn't need adjustment.:D Just put the long double tapp inserts in the new/old tapps and figured with a little more offset to the vanes, I should be good.:confused: After a few shots, I just took Grizz Tricks off the table cause the Viper Tricks and Magnus Black Hornets were right with field points. Shot the Patriot hybrid at 30, and got the same results, Vipers and Black Hornets still spot on, outshooting an old Ramcat with slightly bemt blades. Out to 40 and the same result. I have to say it's not easy aiming on black spots with the duplex points of the Leupys, so I wasn't getting the precision I hope for, but broadhead in the spot at 40 is fine with me. Took a few shots with the Patriot and Spitfire Doublecross. Right with the Vipers and Black Hornets. I will make sure each arrow in the quiver is spot on, but most of the work is done. I did mess up by taking a final shot with the hornet at the top spot at 40, and for some reason, shot when the point was close to the top of the spot. Hornet hit the slanted part snd (I guess) glanced up into the target frame.:mad: Down to 10 tapps now.:rolleyes: I'll have 3 doublecrosses in the quiver for the big brother, maybe one Black Hornet in there for the SS. Not sure yet. Of course, now I have to find a deer to shoot.;) Haven't had any time to scout yet.:(

    8:27  SS first shots after change.jpg 8:27 SS @ 30.jpg 8:27 Patriot @ 30.jpg 8:27 SS @ 40.jpg 8:27 Patriot @ 40.jpg
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    Looking good! Better be a great shooting shiny toy to beat that !
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    Suddenly can't load pics from my "old" phone, as Google says it's a "less secure app.":rolleyes:

    I did go shoot the SS with my old BEEs with 112 LNL inserts and Quick Spin vanes, + 2 with 3.1 Fusions. Grizz Tricks shot right with field points like they always had. I didn't get the exact measurement, but just a quick check showed the double tapp inserts (92 gr. and long aluminum) had a much lower FOC than the brass. Could be the reason the Grizz didn't shoot right on Monday.:confused: The BEES might go to my friend who's having problems getting his arrows to shoot broadheads consistently. I also just ordered some Truglo Titanium X heads to go with the Spitfires, so I'm OK either way. May need to look into 125 gr. heads for the new inserts.

    Oh, good news! My friend got permission from his neighbor for us to hunt during archery season. Promising property with a bunch of deer. I can only hunt when he goes, but that's no problem for me. More interested in getting him a deer anyway.:)
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    Not to beat this to death, but since there hasn't been much going on here...

    I took more careful measurments, and came up with the following #s.

    18" Spynal Tapp, 92 gr. DT insert, 3.1 Fusion, plastic nock, 100 gr. ST mag. FOC = 14.52%
    18" Spynal Tapp, 92 gr. DT insert, 3.1 Fusion, plastic nock, 125 gr. ST mag. FOC = 17.16%
    18" Spynal Tapp, 112 LNL insert, 3.1" Fusion, plastic nock, 100 gr. ST mag. FOC = 17.74%

    Another arrow that my friend had problems getting broadheads to fly consistently...

    18" Zombie, 92 gr. brass insert, 3.1" Vanetec, alum. flat nock, 100 gr. ST mag. FOC = 15.16%
    18" Zombie, 92 gr. brass insert, 3.1" Vanetec, alum flat nock, 125 gr. ST mag. FOC = 17.42%

    Compare to my "old" arrows...

    17.5" BEE, 112 LNL insert, 3.1 Fusion, plastic nock, 100 gr. Grizz Trick. FOC = 17.97%

    So, I'm thinking the much lower FOC with the double tapp inserts was the reason the Grizz Tricks got squirrelly. They have always been a bit more of a challenge than mags or standards. Surprised but pleased the Viper Trick, Black Hornet, and Spitfire DC basically shot into a 1/2" spot at 40, but I'm not sure the DT inserts are best for my short 18" arrows, unless I want to go to 125 gr. points.

    Working on my friend's setup this afternoon. I have a whole second bow/arrows ready that shot lights out yesterday, and would be a minimal change for him. If he wants to keep the setup he's been using, I can just give him the BEEs and he should be fine. Just don't want to shoot LNL inserts into my 18-1 and leave inserts and heads inside it.:rolleyes:


    Well, my friend Bill is set up well. Slammin' broadheads into the spot with the same POI as field points. He'll be using my BEEs, Slick Trick Standards and Razor Tricks. Has a few field point arrows to practice with until September 16th.

    Another update:

    Was worried about getting the long double tapp inserts out of the carbon shafts safely. It was easy. Just dispensed a large cup of hot water from the Keurig into my thermos travel mug. Let them sit in there a few minutes. Pulled out easy. Replaced with some 110 brass inserts, and... FOC is up to 17.74%, same as the 112 LNLs.
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