Do deer like sunflowers?

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  1. Jack Pine

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    Mrs. Pine can never grow sunflowers because the deer keep eating them. Last year I planted corn in my plots and it didn't ear much for some reason, so this year I decided to try sunflowers. I figured the deer ought to like them and if they didn't, the turkeys and other birds would benefit. Well, it doesn't look like the turkeys will ever get any because the deer are absolutely eating the sunflowers like there's no tomorrow!
    These pix are of my newest plot on the south end of my property, and you can see I have a fern problem, so after the deer get all the sunflowers, I plan to spray Roundup to kill off the ferns if that's possible; they're tougher than nails. They came up after the sunflowers did so I couldn't spray without getting the sunflowers too. If I can clear the ferns, i'll plant sunflowers next spring too. Really surprised how much those crazy deer are after them. Since they like them so much, I'm just going to broadcast them instead of planting in rows, to get more in. Oh yeah, another thing I like about sunflowers is THEY'RE CHEAP to plant. A 40 to 50 pound bag runs about $12-15. I planted both plots in rows and still had way over half a 40 pound bag left over.

    100.JPG 200.JPG 300.JPG
    LOL, an evil thought just came over me. I could contact the DNR for crop damage permits and get a head start on the season LOL.
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  2. Jack Pine

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    This guy and his knobhead pal have been just killing my sunflowers; the points on his rack have grown quite a bit since I saw him last.
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    Deer are opportunists. They do however know what, and when to eat certain things. If there are sunflowers available, and some nutritional offering required in their diet in late summer / early fall, they will eat them. Years ago I hunted public land that had many acres of sunflowers to attract birds for late summer hunts. We often saw deer pile out of those plots in the early bow season.
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    Might have to give sunflowers a try ! I bet mixed with soybeans would be a Great summer plot !
  5. Jack Pine

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    Sunflower fields forever..................
    If the deer leave the rest of these alone, maybe the turkeys can eat this winter!
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    Dang! Looks like the land of oz :p we got one growing out by our garden an loaded with bumble bees on it as I checked it out.
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