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  1. jacol84

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    2x7 Leupold.jpg 1x4 Leupold.jpg

    Well, this was not in my 2018 plans, but it came up, so I went for it. I was thinking more along the lines of getting what Jack Pine would call "a dang wheelie bow", and I've thought about a couple of classifieds bows, or internet deals, but stopped short of pulling the trigger. The Grey Ghost project may be a wrap next week, so I will have some crossbows to play with even without my annual bout of aggravation with BABU.;)

    The 2x7 Leupold was on C/T classifieds for a very reasonable price. I have really liked my simple 1x4 with the heavy duplex. Works for the way I hunt. Works well at first and last light. Dependable, holds zero, etc. The only downside of these scopes is there is no way to aim if a person wants to shoot over 40 yards, but where I hunt, that's not an issue. I will have the TR 525 on the Grey Ghost for 3D and maybe an occasional hunt. Its illuminated reticle just doesn't work for me in really low light, so the Leupys will be the go to scopes. Way more eye relief than a "true crossbow scope", but they work. The 2x7 does look a bit long and "goofy" on a crossbow, but I'm hoping the bigger objective makes it even brighter than the 1x4. Simple reticle in times of "stress", but it's easy. If I forget and aim with the crosshair at 20, the arrow will only hit 2" high with the Patriot, and about 2 1/4" with the 355.:D
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    Looking good! I love the little 1x4 for hunting an just mounted one on my noxtrix only it,s a Nikon . are the extra screws in the mount for a brush arrow holder or a dryfired rig? as I know nothing about either.
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    I was on that gotta have another wheelie myself,, but I think to much of the new stuff is getting away from what archery hunting is all about! I think I'm stick'n with my recurves as well,, if I want longer range or morte compact,, thats what my revolvers are for,,,:D

    I like yer style Joe!
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    Yes, Frank. The extra screws are for the Guardian ADF, though the one on the Patriot also has a brush retainer. The auto safety on the Middletons is nice, but much louder to cock than an Excal trigger. I won't cock the crossbow within 100 yards of where I plan to hunt, so I pretty much use a Guardian on every bow I want to hunt with.
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  5. Masboy

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    Thanks Jeff! I always learn something new looking at your stuff. I like them counter sunk holes an better screws. wish I had a dollar for every mount screw I had come loose ,an 5$ for every trigger housing hole I stripped out ,an another 5$ for every striped stock screw holes :p these things are right up there with cheap aluminum scope ring screw holes :p
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  6. Oppie

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    Well in a perfect world the 2x7 will gather more light early & later, however we don't hunt in perfect conditions. I like both scopes, it'd be a coin flip which is better.
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