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  2. How are the SS 315 line made a SS 300 with more power stroke or SS 330 with lower deflection numbers or SS 300 limbs with higher defection numbers,your SS 315 looks very well made ,Kellyonline.com near the Middleton factory has some killer deals on SS 330-SS 355-375 with a great line of DTM 36'' Limb models also. I think we might get a few models soon to try out up here the cost is hundreds dollars less than Kodabow and Excal

    How far do you keep your string from string stop bummers? looks like 1/2-3/4 '' from the picture.
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    Joe, as you know, the powerstroke on the 300,315,and 330 ss bows are 11.5 " the limb deflections are different. I keep the brace height a little over 1 " and string is around 3/8" off the bumpers.

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  4. I thought it was the limb deflection difference on web site the power stroke was posted the same but nothing about the limb deflection difference I knew it was not Magic lol= Middleton builds a nice Cross Bow life time warr on the Limbs even on a used CROSS BOW now that a good thing IN TODAYS WORLD ..
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    Joe, didn't you have a 330, 355, 400ss bows?

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  6. :p:pd
    Yes they were all prototype bows I was the first to use a SS 330 ,SS 375,SS 400,,I was the first one to draw blood = kill with SS 330,SS 375, Deer and Hogs.900 lb Brown Bear ,SS 400 made it to Alaska but that all I am going say here as it was a prototype ,alot of changes and good things were learned from my prototypes like new SS limb shims now and new molding process now and limb thickness increased But my SS bows were old 36" limbs just cut to 28".I am blessed for the free SS bows being a tester for the SS line.. wish I tested the SS 300-315 that line came out latter ! Alot of people got very Jealous that I recieved free bows and I posted my unbias finding-first in the field the real hunting world not just shooting paper.Alot of people brought SS line after reading my posts I was named "The Face of Middleton Cross Bows!! :rolleyes::oops::eek::D

    I miss them very much I am going order a SS 375 from kellyonline.com next week in new camo color with a new painting process!Hundreds of dollars less than most of well known recurve cross bows trigger up there with the best:D
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    Joe you were the "face of Middleton" and AT rockstar in your own mind! Please keep to the facts. This is a great new forum PLEASE do not drag it down.
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  8. :D
    Like I said there were a few Jealous people on them treads hay glad see you here my dear friend still have that Matrix 380 I treaded you for Kodabow Express the express in AR at a friends home..thanks for the good deal my mom still living 85 she says hi boy she still remembers you and the Middleton SS 330 loan,,,:D
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    Jealous of nothing Joe! A forum is only as good as it's members. If the members posting cannot be trusted or continuously post misinformation & sometimes outright lies the forum is doomed. People come to a forum to gain & share knowledge. There is a reason you have been banned from every crossbow forum known to man. I am not picking on you I am doing this in hopes you do not infest this forum as you have all the others in the past. It usually takes a lot to get banned from a forum let alone 4 or 5. By the way the 380 was trashed when I received it yet you stated it was like new. I would have returned it BUT postage to Alaska was too much to eat. I learned an expensive lesson!
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  10. Take Care!!! stay safe ,hunt safe !! 907-738-1496 still my working cell number call if you need anything ..Tim please Pm me if you have any personal things talk about or call me please try work on that jealous problem again just pm or call my cell.I never used that Matrix 380 she still in the box from the dealer I just put in Aero Bolt 2 and grave digger broad for you try out.look I will buy back the Matrix 380 just ship moms home NJ you have her address because you shipped back that sharp looking Middleton SS 330 prototype we let you borrow with the new custom string before we traded the Kodabow and Matrix I want my friends happy.

    When my SS 355 or SS 375 gets to Sitka after the holidays I will post pictures
    SS 315 a good draw weight and lots of power!!!

    SiTka Joe
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