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Discussion in 'Middleton Crossbows' started by bunyip slayer, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Has eney one herd news from Derrik if,when or can he be makeing/selling that bull pup xbow ,or did that go down the plug hole?before i send him message,see if eneyone here lately has got in touch with D.M,
  2. hunlee

    hunlee Member

    Hunlee try and try to make contact with MIDDELTON butt just no luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cactus

    Cactus Member

    That seems to be a Middleton specialty, the 3D's , do lunch, delegate , disappear. By all accounts he has a good product but keeps doing a disappearing act. Now watch I' ll get slammed for this comment, even though it's true.
  4. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    I sent him a few emails trying to get a barrel. No response. Something seems to be different this year. Guys who were using DTMs for years are very quietly jumping ship. The famous Moon on AT who was promoting Middleton and nit picking the Matrix bows to death for about 2 years has made a stealthy switch, getting rid of DTM stuff and singing the praises of the Micro. He had been drooling over the bullpup, now nothing. Don't know if this is the result of a law suit or what but things seem to have worsened. You could always make your own bullpup, Phil. I may do that next winter.
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  5. steve fox

    steve fox Member

    Not knowing Moon but =Promoting normally=Getting something in return =free product=getting Attention=Inflated Ego.

    Jump ship=No more free product =not getting the personal attention needed -Ego loss.

    Promoting a new product now after damming that product=Getting that product free now or a large dealer made a deal for you push his product now so that they make money off your promoting=now the promoter has his Ego back and the Attention he or she needs to be looked up to for all the answers.
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  6. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    X ` 2

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  7. jacol84

    jacol84 Active Member

    Maybe so. It is logical. There are a number of members here that I respect a lot and know that free stuff is not part of the picture. They also have switched. I can't because 1. It isn't in the budget. 2. I have limbs that are working so I don't need to switch. There have been some that have had good results from Kelly's in terms of replacements/service. They only can sell and service what they get though. Have not heard anything about the bullpup for close to a year.
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  8. Delta-Stan

    Delta-Stan Member

  9. bbahunter

    bbahunter Active Member

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  10. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    Thanks Stan.............that is the older model DTM 375 bow ( pre SS models ) excellent x-bows bullet proof they would with stand a dry fire with out damage I owned a couple of those bows .Some where DTM lost his way .

    KUDOS... to Steve Fox well said
  11. steve fox

    steve fox Member

    Only Derrick knows but in 1990s I was stationed at navy academy in Maryland an made friends with 21st century longbow owner Buddy learned a lot about limb building and design (Eclipse longbow )limbs were like the epic Homer bows of long ago -wide and thin ends. 21st Cent longbows won and still win 90% of most shoots.
    My guess limbs under 30" in cross bows (recurves) the last 2" start stacking and lots stress last 2" inches of draw.
    36"-30" limbs stress less and stack at a longer draw length reason excal-middleton were almost bullet proof at 36" limbs. If you want recurve cross bow limbs to last do 2 things stay at 30-32" make a split limb design and a hole less end mounting system (I believe Kodabow has it worked out with split limbs and metal end cap on limb tips)The reason their new Scout (30" limbs about 28" at draw) cross bow only pulls 200 pounds and shoots just as fast or 4-7 fps faster than a Micro that draws about 70 pounds more.If Derrick goes with split limbs or a design like 21st century's -eclipse or edge limbs and stays at 30" he limbs will again be bullet proof at 30" /28" draw .I do hope one day his Bull Pup is made but with 30" limbs .I will call and visit Derrick in Canada in the fall I always like small business like Kodabow and Middleton staying small is a great thing in life.
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  12. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Kodabow is to heavy for me,my 415ss 12ps ,the split wide limbs are good for no string slap,guess what?no string slap on a middleton.
    with out all Derricks customer service bullshit,he makes a crossbow for my needs...mines MORE powerfull then a matrix 405 mega,and after thousands of shots,my limbs are fine,NO DRY FIRES THE TRICK!!! but people say middleton limbs have broke just sitting there doing nil.
    yes,shorter limbs,more poundage,
    koadabow are nice, but im KILLING things very nicely with my dtm.
    whats good about koad is the xbow can be packed up...eneyway,the design of the dtm ss bows are better i think then a matrix,
    so i guess a bullpup is not on the cards from middleton eneytime soon
    .h.lee ,ive put up with dericks idear of customer service sometimes good,sometimes bad,as in cant contact the bloke when hes needed,
    ...what a long bow maker has to do with xbows is ????? man kkung have had 27wide recurves for YEARS,that ive stack ,mod,up to 300 lb,no broken limbs,eneyway wish koadobow all the best.
    Why would i jump ship? ive had excalibur limbs fail before....i still buy excalibur ,ive got two middletons and few spair limb sets.
    so ..no news about bullpup,
    And Derricks still hideing,i think the bloke must have collectors looking for him ,there sending the boys around derrick!!!!!
    I like beaning able to shoot short and long arrows out of the short stroke recurves as well.
    and Derrick,improve the paint job on the ss wrapped limbs,its crap! But shoots great!
  13. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    Slammed for what mate? how the hell as us as cosumers going to assume what a bizzness is up to when the bizzness is hard to contact and on forums like this all we consumers can do is talk about what our experence is with the company.and with derricks the customer service is the common thread in "whats this crap?" im NOT even after a broken limb tip from a DRYY FIRE going to blame a falt in the limb when it was my falt it broke because I dry fired it.
    limbs can break with out dry fire,but every time i look around the forums lately i see more and more excals with broken limbs,,all after a dozen shoots,but excal will fix the limb issue asap, with derick ,ive paid for things with the"it will be sent in 10 days yarn....to be MONTHS later makeing day repeted emails and calls,only to wait more...well its a major pain in the ass.
    not knowing what derricks up to is lame as well,at least the koadobow boss navy ninja bloke, posts on some of the forums ect...yep i have herd all sorts of things about derrick.
    Ive when ive talked to him found him good to talk to,and i have allways fort the "one man show"thing and months behind in orders and or HE owns people money(dont we all)
    If middleton would just have outstanding customer service like K.B or dealers like well known W.C ,and he improved the "make up" on his crossbows,(i like looking at the camo on crossbows more then the animals im hunting i think lol!!) And maybe different stock...
    ive still and allways will have good things to say about middletons ss crossbows,the triggers are among the best,the size and weight is perefect for me,size off limbs are perfect i think,and its the only recurve on earth that has a 12 draw length that is possible to get 415fps,
    that means to me a freaking HEAVY 800grain + arrow going through lungs of a bull! over 5000 shoots on a set of non wrapped 375ss limbs and over 1000 onn the new wrapped 415ss limbs i got(a long with a spair set)
    all in all i recomend middleton crossbows but not his customer service.

    arrow 800 grains + at the lungs of a bull.
  14. bunyip slayer

    bunyip slayer Active Member

    yes im thinking of makeing a bull pup,sort of all ready have! ive got a folding riser,its heavy ,cost a lot,but i like it!!!
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  15. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    THINKING.jpg Ok Phil :rolleyes:.... you are one of the few people that have not been too hard on Derrick Middleton and that is commendable . If today when you read my question a good friend mentioned he was going to buy a Middleton SS crossbow and asked you for your recommendation how would you advise him :D

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  16. steve fox

    steve fox Member

    Try 289 400 8875 Derrick been texting me lately at that cell number.
    We talked about his limb design not many people are aware he used to make fishing poles and longbows hence reason his limbs are thin and not wide like Excal limbs .Thin limbs cast arrows faster than wide limbs ,the longer a thin limb is the better they cast heavy arrows.
    Kodabow scout a new one in 2015 ,limbs are about same now as matrix length ,shorter length pull ,riser shorter and it is lighter than old models(shot scout at a trade show in Pa)

    Do not count Derrick out on Bull Pup that is all I am saying do not want greenish myself I want a Bull Pup bad,,
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  17. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    His best bows ....were these DTM 330 2.JPG
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  18. steve fox

    steve fox Member

    Nice picture I would not mind having a DTM 355 36" Long Limb ....
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  19. Joe

    Joe Active Member

    Steve that bow pictured is the DTM 330 shoots at 350 FPS as you can tell i`m not to big on camo. finish LOL
    Buy the way Kelley`s may have them

  20. steve fox

    steve fox Member

    Nice going look for a used one.

    Kelley thank u
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