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    There is another thread similar to this but it is talking to Eotech and red dot rifle scopes. This Eotech model is just for crossbows. Just got it in the mail yesterday and company over prevented me from tinkering with it. Much nicer day today anyway:) Sure there are posts on other forums for this sight too...

    1/2" per click at 100 yards on this sight........so I came down lots and lots and lots and lots of clicks as it was shooting 20 inches high at 20 yards out of the box. Didn't run out of down elevation thank God.

    The Eotech is like looking through a window vs looking through a tube on a scope. No magnification. I accept that. I don't need magnification on vertical bows either:cool:. You don't close one eye when looking through a window, so you do not feel that you have to close an eye when looking through an Eotech either. You don't even feel like you are looking through it. You put your target in the window, put the dot on it and fire. Eye relief is unlimited. That's a big bonus that can get you on target real quick, not having to find your sweet cheek weld like you do for a scope. Accuracy was no better or no worse at 20 yards than I was using a scope. Lots of fiddling and practice to come with this set up. Oh yeah........it's tough as nails..........battle tough............there is no eyepiece or objective lens to worry about getting bumped around.

    Bench rest 20 yards
    Freehand 20 yards - Why spoil a good group:)
    Freehand 30 yards - using 2nd dot. I haven't got the room in my yard for 40-50 yard shots so I don't have the yardage pegged down for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dots.
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    Nice......very NICE, Hats off, very good shooting

    be safe

  3. Masboy

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    Nice! if anything like my sons for rifles you should love it!
  4. ehntr

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    The red dot on the sight blends into the red circles on the target bag. I'll have to get out my black marker and draw some more circles. Maybe I can get some 50/60 yard shootin in tonight:D
  5. ehntr

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    Beautiful day here in Oilberta. So I packed up my stuff and moved a mile down the road to get in some shooting at a longer distance...

    I zeroed the top dot yesterday at 20 yards. Today, I started off using the 4 dots on the reticle just as if they would provide 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. Using the lowest dot on a 50 yard target, I took a couple shots to see where they would group at.........way high. Moved back to 55 yards.......still high........right on at 60 yards! So dot number 4 is 60 yards. Shot quite a few volleys at 60 yards just havin fun. Brought the target up to 43 yards........shooting just a touch high using the third dot. Moved the target to 45 yards..........bang on at 45 yards. Moved the target to 31 yards and shot just a little high using the second dot. Put the target at 34 yards and bang on. Wanted to confirm the centre dot was still on 20............yes it was. Took a shot at 10 yards not knowing what to expect. It was bang on using the centre dot at 10 yards. What a great day......best day outside shooting since Oct!

    Targets at 60 and 45 yards


    Had to retire the target at 60 yards because I was shooting through it.



    60 yard group. There are three arrows in the group...................I love this bow..................magnification is over rated:)


    45 yard group


    30 Yard group


    Confirm 20


    10 yards using centre dot............surprised me.............didn't know what to expect


    I don't know how many shots I've fired........maybe a few hundred? Serving showing to much wear as far as I'm concerned. It's obvious it's from the claws...........I don't like the trigger anyway. It gives up some slack before the wall. If I'm not careful I blow through the wall. Polish the claws or order a trigger techo_O

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  6. Masboy

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    Great shooting ! Looks like a fine sight !
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  7. Long Gone

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    Most excellent, Randy! Great results, wah? That E 512 XB looks wicked and bulletproof. Hard to see the roughness of the latch with the naked eye but you will feel it with your finger once you put the fine grit to her. The left claw on my Micro also started to chew into the serving after 100 shots. Worth the time/effort to smooth out and polish, IMO... :)
  8. D. B. Scherz

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    Great shooting and way to map out your new sight! You got that Micro singing. I have to hand it to your eyes too. I have the EOTech 512 Xbow on both Scorpyd and Orion. They are so versatile, and can be moved anywhere on the rail so I thought, Hey its Christmas why not get a G33 magnifier. Had enough room on the Orion for both including a Bohning Picatinny quiver mount between the two. I must admit, I don't go past 20 yards without it. having said that the open sight is also very accurate. It has to be something in the brain and red dot. I know that shooting with both eyes open now also lends itself to stability. I like it so much I bought a used one for the Darton Rebel. I didn't want to spend another fortune for a magnifier. So I started looking around on Optics Planet and found the Vortex 3Mx-VT for less than half of the G33. It fits a wider variety of rails too. Slapped it on the Darton and never had to touch the windage or elevation to center the image. My Rebel is on at 20 second dot at 38, and third dot at 50. I haven't had a chance to shoot the fourth dot but I bet its about 63. The fourth dot on the Orion is out to 72. Crazy accuracy with theses sights. Makes it hard to go back to my bows with glass.

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  9. ehntr

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    Nice set-ups DB! It really is a simple sight. No tunnel vision lol. It's a big picture window. Put the dot on the target and squeeeeeeeeeeeze. Having good vision helps. I'm maxed out at 60 with the sight and I have no problem shooting at that distance without magnification..............so no magnifier for me.
  10. D. B. Scherz

    D. B. Scherz Member

    I'm jealous!!! LOL. If I was shooting as well as you do I'd keep that money in my pocket and the weight off the bow too. Great work and again, a nice review.

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  11. jacol84

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    Very nice shooting. If you can do that at 60, you have far better eyes than me.
  12. ehntr

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    I've got the unibrow:eek: and can braid the hair coming out my nose and ears;)..............but the sight and hearing are still like new.....................selective but still like new:D

    I've been asked if I wanted an electric nose hair trimmer for a Christmas present! Can you imagine my disgust, at such a suggestiono_O
  13. Long Gone

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    Hey! Give this a try. A little bird told me it worked like a charm in the sycophant area... Hehehe!!! :D

  14. ehntr

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    Groin, chest and derrière I've been told....................wouldn't want that stuff to migrate to my head:p
  15. Long Gone

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    J'ai tout compris, mon ami! (I heard that I did, my friend!) lol... :D
  16. Joe

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    SICK SICK SICK............." WTF " am I doing on this sight :eek::D

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  17. Clay

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    It's probably just the angle of the picture but it looks like the magnifier takes up so much room that half of your cheek piece room is gone. Looks like your head would have to be all the way to the rear of the cheek piece. Can you comment?
  18. D. B. Scherz

    D. B. Scherz Member

    I think the angle of the photo over exaggerates the cheek fit, but there is no "settling in" and attaining the proper eye relief. A simple tilt of the head aligns the cheek just before the curved area. I'll try to find another pic.

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  19. D. B. Scherz

    D. B. Scherz Member


    This is a bit better view. Note, after taking this picture I also put the larger spacer in the the butt plate which increased eye relief 3/4 inch. Darton give you the option to add up to three spacers under the butt pad.
  20. bbahunter

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    Ehntr, slap a single stage triggertec in that bad boy and be done with it( I put one in my micro) My stock micro trigger was a little hard on the servings also, and a little inconsistent at the same time. The new excal triggers are better than they used to be, but the triggertec is the way to go. Triggertecs are as good as middleton sniper, but not as good as the Bowtech strykezone/ solution trigger, BUT ALL THREE ARE GREAT. IMO
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