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    Sons sent me this as he,s really getting into mounting fish . he done some nice walleye that we caught ,now mounting some big crappies he caught. he wants to get a big walleye to mount but biguns are far an few between for us .
    image.png image.png
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    Nice. I did a bunch of that back in the day (before getting married). I stopped doing classic skin mounts when I ruined a 22.5”, 5# Brown trout I caught while shad fishing in the Delaware river back in ‘85. There’s a lot more stuff available now to make it easier for him. WASCO and other places have artificial fins, heads, etc. that make really nice mounts much easier. He can also learn how to make his own fiberglass reproduction casts. Did a bunch of that when my friends and I were fishing salmon and steelhead up in NY. Making your own casts isn’t hard, and you don’t have to deal with fins and head area shrinkage. Just some ideas he might want to try. Good luck to him.
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    I have a friend that was doing all kinds of mounts from deer to African game, birds, etc. He did a few fish and said they were the hardest to do out of everything he had done. Good luck to your son Frank, hope he gets it down real good.
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    Sons been working on them ,the ones a wopper he caught at the local lake where he gets some biguns.
    image.png image.png
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