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  1. Jack Pine

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    I've been using one of these for years, but have always had problems with juicy meat causing the sealer to sometimes not seal. I used to use a paper towel folded up, but not touching the meat, to intercept the moisture creeping up toward the heat sealer. Last week, we bought a 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters, and Mrs. Pine wanted me to partially thaw them out so we could repackage them, putting 2 or 3 leg quarters to a package. So I got them so I could separate them without breaking them, and put them into smaller packages. Trouble was, the meat was extremely juicy and the juice would get past the paper towel and still cooled the heat sealer so that the seal wasn't reliable. Then it hit me; why not package them, and place the unsealed package in the freezer long enough for the juice to freeze, and then seal them. Happy to report this works great; wish I had thought of this years ago. Hope this little tip might be useful to someone else.
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    Yep, fought the same problem. The freezing method also works with some marinades, when you thaw it out it's already marinaded an ready to go. I did some venison back straps in a garlic marinade like that, good on the grill.
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    We do that with venison when butchering too. Get it a bit hard by semi-freezing it. It cuts a lot cleaner, and packs easy in vacuum bags. Bruce, we did the marinade / freeze a few times too, and it does work great. We thaw for 12 hours or more, then grill, perfect!
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    If you have a sous vide device, you can cook the venison in the bag to a perfect rare and then finish it on a super hot grill only 30-45 secs to a side.

    Have done this with venison, ribeyes and porter house. Best steaks I have ever made and they are always perfect.

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