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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Masboy, Nov 24, 2016.

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    I was out testing arrows with my vortex bare,Nikon 3x9 bdc scope with my 28 strand string,2-1/2 center serving of angel majesty .028 ,3 small dia 250 heritage vertical arrows 391 spine I think at 28 inches,22 inch 402-404 gr. ,2 inch razers,aluminum inserts in both ends,100gr tips. foc guessing 15-20 percent?

    Shot these at 20yd of my bench using a bipod an Mikes suggestion of a sandbag under the rear an rock steady. all three arrows were hitting the same hole repeatably with a marked cock vane on each .amazing for just to pick up 3 arrows an have each hit the same exact place as the others as most times a lot of shooting an testing ,sorting to get this from a few.don,t know if maybe this bipod helps,or just the right arrow for this bow ?

    Could not compete with my 20 inch zombies today for what ever reason? every time I shot the vertical arrows I can smell strong burning smell an don,t care with this kind of accuracy. later I want to try a different vane for the cock an see if that changes anything.this makes up for my bad duck day:p
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    Aluminum nocks maybe. They make a burnt match smell when shot sometimes.
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    Making arrows today an all are 22 inch small dia vertical arrows. 2 -350 zombies slugged with 100g 8 inch piece of a small arrow, 100g tip , razers,wt 402g same as my not slugged 22 inch heritage.

    Then made 1 - 22 inch 350 max hunter ,razers,125 tip with no slug with wt of 345g. gave my sons all my 20 inch BEE,zombies for there high power bows but still have some short ones that I tinker with.heritage are my favorite because no slug or brass insert needed an a 22 inch gets around 402g with 100g tip. I just checked foc on all my vertical arrows an there 13.69 -22 percent an checked a 20 inch zombie an get around 20 percent so all good for me.
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    You can get heavier spine vertical arrows than I shoot an work fine with no dry fire problems in my crossbows. you don,t see lots of vertical bowhunters shooting big fat arrows for reasons so why are do all crossbow arrows have to be big dia. If you want more wt out front they have brass inserts ,different gpi arrows available also. these small dia arrows seem less critical for spine an shooting a different vane for the cock fletch for whatever reason.i just see them a better arrow for hunting JMO
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