Freezer meat.

Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by Stalker, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Stalker

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    Finally drew some blood with the Sniper this morning.Good freezer meat.22yard shot with a Spynall Tapp and Swhacker 100gn 2" cut. Saw her drop after a short 30 yard dash.The arrow went another 20 yards or so after the pass through and was about 10" in the dirt.Lost 1 vane and bent 1 blade.Replaced them both and am ready for #2 0917170839a.jpg 0917170924b.jpg
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  2. xcaliber

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    Darn Nice, congrats on the freezer filler! Yummy!:cool:
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  3. bbahunter

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    congrats, nice doe!
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  4. Masboy

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    Looking good! must have had one of them imaginary little dots behind her shoulder with that perfect hit :p
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  5. jacol84

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    Congrats, Paul. Way to get it started!
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  6. Oppie

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    Congrats, Good job filling the freezer.
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  7. robertyb

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    Well done. I love those swacker holes. :)
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  8. Stalker

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    Thanks guys.I was really hoping a buck would come in with her.No such luck though.It took me a few minutes of watching her to talk myself into shooting.She was milling around eating green acorns Irma has put down.
  9. Stalker

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    X2. I cant seem to think of a reason to try or use another head.Other than the new stainless steel Swhackers having tougher ferrules.

    I didn't really look for a blood trail since I watched her drop.I did take these pics of the arrow,head and 1" entrance right through a rib bone then the 2" exit clipping 2 ribs.

    I also like the bend but pretty much dont break blades.I've had Rage and Nap blades break off in a foam target which doesn't make me feel very confident going through rib bones.But I have used both with success. 0917170833.jpg 0917170833c.jpg 0917170943b.jpg 0917170943f.jpg
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  10. robertyb

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    I have been shooting the 2" cut Swackers for years but recently bought some China made Rage Hypodermics with the rage extreme 2.3" blades in them. They make a big hole and I was hoping to have a deer pic by now to show but all the deer I have had a chance at had little fawns with them and now it is time to spend a month salt water fishing for me so maybe when I get home. :)

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  11. Stalker

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    I've used Rage 2" cut and nap Killzones with a 2"cut. Seems like both arrows slightly deflected on impact from the big entrance cut and neither was a complete pass through.Both were angled shots though and the bows were not the fastest. 265FPS-16 yards with the rage 295 fps 14 yards with the Killzone.

    Then I shot the Nap Foc 170gn 3"cut heads at 300fps.I got them on sale for $15.I killed 1 and the 3" cut wasn't like pics I've seen.Slowed the arrow down too much for my liking.Then I switched to The Swhacker 2" 100gn. I think this was deer #7 head #4 I bent the ferrule on head #3 pulling it out of a tree with a hammer after a pass through last season lol. Bent ferrules after pass throughs is my only complaint.Thats why I'm interested in the new stainless steel version.
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