Friday 13

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    It sure was Friday 13 :confused: as I bought a hydrostatic cub cadet from my uncle with a single cyclinder 15hp Kohler engine that I,m a fan of. couldn,t pass up th deal ,buy one get one free ,the spare ones nicer than the one I bought an also has a single cyclinder Kohler ,hydrostatic an ran great but he robbed a couple parts from it like starter ,deck relay , 3 decks total for the low price of 300$ :rolleyes: it ran good till he unloaded it yesterday :confused:I think everydays friday 13 for me when it comes to mowers:confused:

    I been working on it for 2 days now an replaced ingnition switch as it had to be turned off,on a lot an then started sometimes an would run good after it started . finally figured it out as it had a fuel shut off solenoid that I never seen on a mower before attached to the bottom of the carb bowl . cut the plunger off like I seen on a video an cleaned the carb ,made a new carb gasket as it had none from a mower man that worked on it beforeo_O runs like a clock an got my yard mowed an figure about 50$ a shot if I hired someone ,so 5 more times an I got my money's worth plus a load of junk:p
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