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Discussion in 'Crossbow Bolts & Broadheads' started by Stalker, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Great shooting! there shooting an no doubt about that!
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    Well I got off a little early today. I got home and spine indexed and fletched the remaining 5 GG II shafts. I'm out of the Firenock flat nocks so I put in the Omni nocks. Shot 2 of them at 30 yards and they both hit high and to the right compared to the flat nocks. They did group good though. We'll see how the other 3 do.Didn't want to press my luck as the vanes hadn't dried but maybe 30 minutes. Interesting the poi difference between the 2. You can see the difference in this pic. 20180316_183937.jpg 20180316_191406.jpg
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    That is odd, Paul. Looking forward to seeing how the Omnis do for you. They are definitely an option when I put together my summer 3D arrows. Might become hunting arrows too, reading all the things you and Cal have to say.;)

    The friend I shoot 3D with in the summer has complained that he can't see those red firenocks. I think he would like those orange Omnis much better.;)
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    I kind of expected a poi change. Seems like when I switched from the Firenock moons to Firenock flats I saw a change as well. I'll have to shoot 1 arrow with the 3 different nocks and take a pic.
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    Well after shooting a couple I decided to make my poa the bottom left corner of the squares with the Omni nocks. It was a little breezy and the scope lines covered up the target lines.Then there is shooter error.But they seemed consistent and managed a decent group at 30 yards. 20180318_124758.jpg
    Then I shot 1 arrow with the 3 different nocks. Firenock flat, Firenock moon and the Omni nocks. The scope is sighted in for the flat nocks.

    Flat at 3o yards #14 and #13
    20180318_130057.jpg 20180318_133806.jpg

    Then 2 with the moons both were about 1" high #14 ans #15 20180318_131145.jpg 20180318_131518.jpg

    Then 2 with the Omni's #14 and #13

    20180318_132451.jpg 20180318_132903.jpg

    I think all will do the job fine but I prefer the flats. It just seem with the omni's or moon's there could be a slight variance if not installed exactly the same arrow to arrow. The flats are also the lightest.

    20180318_131844.jpg 20180318_131959.jpg 20180318_132036.jpg
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