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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by gutterjr, Sep 10, 2017.

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    [​IMG]I got my 14 yr old to take the hunters ed course over the summer. Since I got married a couple years ago and have an 8yr old step son I dont get to spend any alone time with him. And now that he is getting older its just going to get more ddifficult. So this is a way for us to bond just him and I. Friday we will be puting out r tree stands and the weekend after that is the youth deer hunt. Im excited and scared for him at the same time.
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    Relax, and don't put any pressure on him. YOU have to make it all fun, and he will respond to anything positive that comes of it! I promise brother. I went through this with my neighbor's son that was in a real bad place after his parents divorce. Just be yourself, and don't give it all away, make him work a bit! You'll be surprised man.;)
    Good luck, and reach out to all the members that have raised kids, these guys really care!
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    Good luck to you, and enjoy the ride. I'd definitely agree with Dan, don't put pressure on him. We have 3 sons, twins that are now 27 and the youngest wh0's 22. They all did hunter safety with me, we shot 3D archery together, and they all hunted pretty much through High School. The youngest one, I really could spend tme with 1 on 1. He became a pretty good hunter, taking 5 deer (3 bucks) before graduating HS. Considering he had a very mediocre guide, he did really well.;) None of them hunts today, and my #1 hunting partner of all time now lives in NYC.:( Not the classic story of family hunting together for a long time, but I wouldn't trade those years for anything.
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    Agree with Dan & Jeff, make sure they have fun above all else. Keep in mind the shorter attention span with kids make it fun & keep him interested. I took my kids rifle hunting all the time but they never caught the archery bug not that I didn't try.
    One of my buddy's 10 yr old son just ask me if he could go bow hunting with me this fall, his dad went right out and got his archery license so he can take him ;) even though he's never bow hunted before or has any archery equipment :D, now I'll get both of them ;)
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