Going to kill me a MMA bag

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    Son left it an mine now so going to hang this thing in my pine tree by it,s attached chain . Like new an looks to be stuffed with rags,zipper top an either leather or vinyl ? got hooks an chains with it for hanging so should make a great target. I plan on covering it with orange shooting dots an not shoot the same place twice to make it last. going to set my truck bedliner behind it as a backstop just in case ,but I never miss :rolleyes:

    i just checked an real small clean rag pieces stuffed tight .I got it down out of the loft by holding the chain letting it down easy an it almost took me down with it as it,s heavy :eek::p fired a arrow in it from 10 feet an about half penetration ,2 finger easy out with a very small hole. I think this is going to be the best target ever .
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