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    former brush blind.jpg road between dfs and tree stand.jpg

    Was able to get out and scout the main property that I have permission to hunt this morning. They have been logging since late spring. The first pic is what used to be my big brush blind. Saw quite a few deer from there, including 4 bucks within 25 yards the first day I was in it in 2015. Kinda lacking concealment now.;) Good news is, the deer are back to using this area again. Last year the field next to the woods in this place was planted with sorgham, which the deer didn't seem to like too much. This year, it's in soybeans. There is a big tree top laying around 30 yards east of this which might make another blind.:) Second pic is the road right around where the last year's buck was walking when I shot him. Still sign the deer are using the area, and my tree is still there and not marked for cutting.:) There's some hope, but it's gonna be really different.
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    Jeff, my guess is they will still use the area. They will eat the tops of trees leftover etc.
    In a couple years when the new growth starts, you will have a hotspot IMO.;)
    Good luck
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    I can see at least three climbable trees in those pictures. Or do you ground hunt only? I like selective cut areas and the deer love them.
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    Robert, the tree I used last year is still there. The biggest thing is going to be that they will still be in cutting during the weekdays, and I can't hunt Saturdays until at least late October.
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    Don't worry about it, I've been through the logging of the woods a couple of times and deer love it. Look at all the new hiding spots for bucks to bed down and all the new munch food laying on the ground. Three years from now the brambles will be over your head that will narrow deer travel down to a few paths for easy ambush. Around here, black bears will move or be dropped off :) and use the tops for dens.
    Most loggers will tell you chain saws attract deer :D .
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    They sure do,or guess I should say what they do attracts deer. Just make a new logging road or landing an come back the next day an look at all the deer tracks on the bare ground. deer are more curious than most think an like to know what's going on in there woods an like to come take a look .i,ve seen quite a few deer an some nice bucks over the years while I'm up in a tree hammering nails in a platform in building a tree stand. always think about taking my hammer ,nails while hunting to bring one in :p I believe that,s another reason they come into calls,rattling an not just to fight an nookie:oops:
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    A lot depends on how the logger leaves the woods as they leave also. It's hard for me to see the woods being logged even though it has to be done I get attached to hunting certain spots for whatever reason, then they change it :eek:.
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