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    Wife took our hound that my son gave us that his deceased wife got at the pound to the vet yesterday . she had a big lump under her belly at the rear an they did all kind of test,exrays . found out she has cancer, that,s what my sons wife passed away from. she gets operated on Thursday an they said everything looks good an it has not spread from that big lump that they will remove.we found out from the vet she has a chip an is 5-1/2 years old. best natured black an tan hound I ever seen ,on our couch is where she wants to be. I told the wife no more animals given to us as that,s how we got all .
  2. Oppie

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    Hoping for the best for your doggie. Our dog was one my daughter adopted a few yrs ago, then her & her boyfriend split up, I gained a dog out the break-up. A few months later someone dropped off a calico kitten and the dog fell in love and had to have the kitten, that's pushing 16 lbs now. There's a black & white cat roaming the hill looking for a home now........
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    Hope for a successful surgery, and quick recovery Frank.
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    X2 Get well Pup!
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    X2, good luck on the surgery!
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