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    Just went to our local butcher shop with my daughter. she got some fresh cut in front of us NY strip steaks. we got some hamburger,breaded shrimp an one of my favorite jahlapeno ,cheddar brat sausages,that there,s now 2 less of that got burnt on the grill :oops:they had a big brisket in the meat case as always an got my attention.

    best sandwich I ever ate
    was a smoked brisket sandwich ,so thinking I now need a smoker an a slab of that brisket. this shops local farm raised cridders makes you never want to eat store meat again.can,t wait to get a smoker:oops: not much of a deer eater anymore ,but sure like good beef . always in need of something :p
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    Hard to beat a good smoked brisket.
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    I do a lot of business with a couple of local butchers and a neighbor that raises pigs, it makes a big difference. I have to order my pig almost a year ahead of time and get to help him load em in the back of his truck an say good bye as they go off to the butcher :p, But totally worth it!
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