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  1. Masboy

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    my buddy, my oldest ferret passed away awhile back an real hard on daughter gave me a little squirrel that was the only one that survived a tree job they done.she fed it with a eye dropper an took it everywhere till it got about half grown then left it here like all the other cridders we have. I hate to see anything in a cage so turned him loose with the run of our house :eek:

    I built him a house an put it on a 4x4 post up high in a big crock that we used for our Christmas tree in the corner of our 9ft ceiling foyer. I drilled holes in the post on a angle an put in branches loaded with small pears from our pear tree . he loves it an goes out on the branches an cuts pears off an drops them on our hardwood floor. I replace them when they lose all there pears an wilt some. So far he,s et half our house :eek:

    he,s ate tv remote buttons,chewed electric cords,hard on our chestnut wood trim ,broke glasses knocking them off the counter,chewed on about all our plastic food containers, into everything ,chews holes in mom,s gallon water filled jugs for ice tea on the counter. He loves to play an got my arms all tore up with his razer sharp claws. I trim them but they grow back quick. he curls up in alittle ball next to me in my bed an has to lay against me all night. the good,he does harass the mother inlaw :D
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  2. jacol84

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    Good to see some posts from you my friend. Better you than me on the squirrel. Back in '80 I bought a mobile home on 2 acres real cheap. One of the things I had to deal with was that a squirrel had gotten in. With the damage I had to deal with, I'd never let one in by choice.;)
  3. Stalker

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    x2 Good to hear from you Frank. I recently had to put a old cat down my daughter brought home 16 years ago.She's been gone for 10 years and I was left with the hard part! After that no more pets other than fish and they are skating on thin ice lol!
  4. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    That,s the way I feel but the daughter keeps dropping them off here.i guess it,s nice to let us take care of them an just come see ,play with them when you want. glad she don,t have kids:p I get attached to all of them an not a good feeling when you lose them.they all live better than I do ,no bills,free room an board,the run of the house,served meals ,messes cleaned up ,hang out on my bed an couch,no wonder they all love us :p
  5. Stalker

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    No doubt! I want to be a pet when I grow up:D
  6. Jack Pine

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    LOL Frank. I used to enjoy watching Bob Ross painting on PBS, about half the time he had a little squirrel curled up in his shirt pocket.
  7. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    He,s a rowdy boy forsure ! Follows me everywhere,rides on my shoulder a lot watching everything I do ,eats my cereal sitting on my arm ,loves taking bites of whatever I,m holding eating ,takes a drink of coke an shakes his head going brrrrr then another.he loves ice tea ,ice cream sandwiches ,Chases the cats.

    I pin him up when some company comes over,then let him out when some overstay there welcome an there not long leaving.he does my dirty work getting rid of unwelcome company that I usually do an the wife calls me rude :eek: I love my little boy an I,m getting him trained :p
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  8. 19frogger57

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    Squirrel is real tasty :)

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