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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by Masboy, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Masboy

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    image.png At 8 years old She got her first deer in MD sitting with her dad today,her dads getting it mounted for her. she shot it with the vixtrix ,rage hypodermic broadhead,20 inch BEE arrow,she made a perfect shot as it was quartering away almost broadside, taking out the heart as it exited on a 34yd shot from a solid rest out of a two man latter stand sitting on her dads lap,it was a 30yd recovery. she,s watched her dad shoot deer an helped him drag them out before. she came in tonight an showed me the blood on her hands with a big smile . big smile forsure!
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  2. jacol84

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  3. 8ptbuk

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    Congratulations ! Great picture !
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  4. bbahunter

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    nice !!!!!
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  5. Stalker

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    That's great! The smile says it all!
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  6. robertyb

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    Very cute kid. Congrats on a fine buck. :)
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  7. Masboy

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    rage hypodermic broke the shoulder bone on the way out at 34yd ,so guess the old vixtrix still has some thump. 2 nice entrance holes,with 1 skinned an1 not :oops:

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  8. Oppie

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    Congratulations! Shes a hunting girl forever now. I warned my daughter not to name the deer in the back lawn....
    Yea, I still can remember when the ole vixtrix was just a baby bow for fun :p.
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  9. xcaliber

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    Just awesome Frank, congrats for the young lady!
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  10. Patriot

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    Way to go! Teach em young...making memories!
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  11. coalminer78

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    Way to go!!!

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  12. Masboy

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    Grand daughter got her first crossbow deer mount back,she,s proud as a peacock :p she don,t want to hunt with the short bow I made her. son says she,s wants to keep hunting with the vixtrix :oops: I will give my son my super vortex as he shot it an loves it with the heavy arrows.
  13. 8ptbuk

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    Looks great!
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  14. xcaliber

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  15. Stalker

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    Looks good! Lucky girl!
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  16. Oppie

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    Very nice, love to see kids get out hunting.
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  17. jacol84

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    Nice taxidermy work. Hope she will treasure it always.
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  18. Regulator

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    Congrats to her ! Never seen a spike mounted before . I like it .

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