Great trigger fix

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    I did what they call the heggis flip on a spring in the rear of my buckmark udx 22 rf. took it from around 4lb down to around 2lb an what a great crisp trigger on this gun. put it in my gun vice an only took about 5 minutes to do. shot it an what a change as it turned this gun into a very easy to shoot accurate gun.

    I been on a handgun binge for the last few months ,or should I say since I was 12 years old shooting my grandfathers S&W 22 revolver . I was hooked an still am an a handguns not a handgun for me unless it has open sights. I play with scopes to test loads for accuracy, target shoot with them some ,hunt some with red dots for deer ,but my passion is close range with open sights for anything be it bow,gun.the closer the better ,the closer it is th more exciting it is.

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