Happy Fathers Day everyone.

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  1. jacol84

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    Remembering dads who have passed, celebrating with those who are still here, celebrating awesome uncles, mentors, coaches, and anyone who has done the role for some other person. Congrats. Hope you all get some great gifts, though family is always the best gift. I got my Fathers Day gift last Thursday, our first grandson!:D
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  2. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    X2! well said an congrats on the grandson
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  3. bbahunter

    bbahunter Active Member

    X3 Congrats Jeff.
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  4. Jack Pine

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  5. xcaliber

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    X5! I'm an adopted kid. Lost my step father early on, and always prayed I would be there for my kids, and do all i could to be a good father. I don't know if things turned out the way my Daughter's wanted, but for me 7 the Queen, A-OK. No Grand Kids yet, but hopefully soon! Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's & Grand Father's!
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  6. TX_RDXguy

    TX_RDXguy Member

    X6 and I'm equally thankful and hope someday to be a grandfather.
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