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Discussion in 'General Chatter & Off Topic' started by Masboy, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Out on the river this morning an a what scorcher when that sun came up. river was real dirty with lots of trash floating everywhere.started trolling the shoreline with firestorm color crankbaits with no luck. as I left the creek an headed up river I was followed by this big female duck in my wake,I think it,s the same little duck that use to follow me out of the launch to the river in my wake a couple years ago quacking ,pretty sure this one was it as it was always alone like today.

    Trolled crankbaits, walleye harnesses with night crawlers around the island an still no luck. went to my summer bluegill hole at the island on the rocky shoreline surrounded by deep water an got out my 3wt 8.6 classic trout flyrod tipped with a small piece of night crawler tail to try for some gills. no gills but I hooked a big fish ,my rod was almost to the breaking point I thought as it was bent so much.

    What a battle an thought I had a 40 lb flathead hooked as my first fish on this new rod :eek: finally landed it an a nice fat 18 inch channel cat :oops::p caught another an what a fight on this light rod. my old 7ft orvis 5wt handles fish much better an my favorite but I like this rod for gills.put everything away an back in the AC :D
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    Yeah, it's pretty hot. 3D shoot this afternoon, and my two vertical compound friends are bagging it because of the heat. It will just be the two old guys with crossbows.

    Congrats on the hard-earned catties. The Schuylkill is still a mess, can't imagine how high and messy the mighty Susky is right now.

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