Hungry Bucks

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  1. xcaliber

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    I do apologize for not getting pics. I live across the road of some woods that there is no hunting allowed. This section of woods backs up to a forest preserve so you know we get some big boys hanging around. I don't ever see more than two bucks together, but this evening we had about 26 deer hitting the feed corn put out for them. 7 bucks in the mix, 4 of these were lifetime trophy bucks! My wife seen them first and called me to the living room to look out at them. By the time I got my camera they were spooked by something, and gone. I have to go rack hunting this spring! :cool:
  2. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    This is from a couple days ago. Doe Party as usual.

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  4. robertyb

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    You need to work on getting exclusive hunting rights to that land.
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  5. Oppie

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    Cool! Love how they're hanging out by the road dead:, You've some good looking doe there. Throw some trophy rock in with the corn, does can use it now.
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  6. xcaliber

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    I wish Robert!
  7. Masboy

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    They are a pretty bunch!
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  8. xcaliber

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    Frank, we feed them, and enjoy the heck out of watching them. Yep, we have some pretty ladies out there, bucks paradise!;)
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