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    After retiring from the navy, Chuck Matasic decided to build crossbows. The Kodabow crossbow is a wider than average, heavier than average bow that shoots at average speeds, and cost $1000. What would draw a person to buy one?
    At first glance, it looks like somebody cut an AR lower off just behind the ejection port and somehow stuck a crossbow rail and bow into it. A more careful look reveals that they have taken the AR platform and transformed it for crossbow use. The safety is in the same place, and it works silently, the grip is the same (it actually is an AR grip and adjustable buttstock), and the trigger puts most AR’s to shame. My trigger breaks super crisp at 3 pounds 13 ounces with no take up or overtravel. I wish some of my rifles triggers were as nice. There is also a small lever on the left side for the anti dry fire device which gives a visual indication as to the arrow being fully loaded or not. It can also be disengaged to let the string down manually if wanted. Moving forward, the rail assembly is a thing of beauty. The machining is super nice (as someone who worked in machine shops for over 40 years, I know nice machining). I don’t know what tolerances they hold at Kodabow, but everything fits together like a Rolex watch – nice and tight. The bow itself was a bit of a concern for me. They are the only recurve bow maker I know of that uses split limbs. More surface area to torque, crack, splinter, and do all sorts of things that aren’t good for accuracy or longevity. Kodabow claims a less than ½ of 1 percent problem rate with their limbs, so guess there isn’t a lot to worry about after all. One thing about split limbs is that the string has nothing to “slap” at the shot, so the bow is quieter than many of the other crossbows out there. They also have a built in string suppression system which helps dampen noise even more.
    The bow handles great, and does seem lighter than the 10 pounds listed weight. Balance point is just behind the front grip, and there is no front heavy feel as some crossbows exhibit. Cocking is a bit different, as you push the butt stock in and then out one click. A piece on the cocking rope fits a hole in the rear of the stock rather than the rope going in a groove at the top of the receiver area as most crossbows do. Pulling the string into place pushes the safety into safe position and activates the anti dry fire device. Accuracy is in a word SUPERB! The target included with the bow showed three shots in one hole at 20 yards. Sure – probably at ten yards from a machine rest. Well, my first three shots at 20 yards (bow comes pretty much sighted in) made one ragged hole. At 30 yards three shots went into 1”, and at 40 yards the group was 11/2”. Not bad for an old geezer with poor eyesight. The factory supplied arrows are running 306 fps, which is probably about right for their weight (I have not weighed them). My limbs may be a hair slow, but there are no complaints with the accuracy it produces.
    The bow comes with scope, quiver, nine arrows with field points, rope cocker, stringing aid, sling, extra string and wax.
    Just as a point of reference on price; one of the biggest crossbow companys’ sells a bow rated the same as the model I bought (330 fps). To be fair, it is lighter and narrower.This bow sells for $800. To equip it like the Koda (at their listed prices) would add $70 for string suppression system, $35 for string, $35 for stringing aid, $47 for stock extension kit, and $15 for wax. Add another $30 or so for five arrows, and $130 for a trigger to get to Kodabow’s level. A person would be out a lot more than the cost of a Kodabow. Kodabow does charge the same price for all their bows, from 125 to 225 pound draw weight. The other guys charge extra for higher poundage.
    Is Kodabow for everyone? Just as some like Chevy over Ford, or chocolate ice cream over strawberry, we each have differing ideas of what we like. Some won’t like the AR styling. Some will balk at the weight or width. Some like compounds and don’t want to try recurves. Many today are speed freaks.Those who have bought Kodabows’ know that the company puts out a well engineered, well built product that has pride of ownership all over it.
    Bravo Zulu Cmdr. Matasic, WELL DONE!
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  2. bigrak

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    Nice info! How bout some pics? ;)
  3. Oppie

    Oppie Active Member

    Now ya got me drooling!
    Wouldn't mind getting rid of my two Excals an get my grubby paws on a Zulu :D
    Dream big!
  4. Masboy

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    I ,m only about an hour from them an thought about going up sometime an checking them all out. I picked one up at lancaster archery an looked it over an looks like a quailty bow.
  5. Oppie

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    Yep, only a couple hrs away myself, be way cool to pick one up at the factory an chat with them.
  6. Masboy

    Masboy Active Member

    I,m afraid to go up there because one may hop in my truck an ride home with me. wife would be waiting with the frying pan :eek: It only hurts for a little while :D
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    It not only looks like a quality bow, but it is a very high quality bow. I consider the Kodabows to be the highest build quality in all crossbows. I think that the precision that goes into the manufacturing of these bows is close to aerospace grade. I have never seen that level of manufacturing in any bow. The first hint will be when you put the riser to the rail. That fit is so precise that when you get the riser into the right spot it drops in with nary a wiggle when its home.
    One of the cool parts of this bow is that to change the poundage/speed, all you do is buy limbs or limbs and a riser like I did for a very reasonable price!
    Probably my biggest bone of contention is that the AR stock rattles, but that's an easy, cheap fix.
    I think the best part of Kodabow is Chuck and his guys. They are first class gentleman all the way! They'll back their product as well as any other bow manufacturer and gladly as well.
    Frank, you're an arrow junkie and a Kodabow is perfect for those who like to fling a large number of arras into a target.
    Have fun!
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  8. Yes Chuck is a great Guy I have a custom picked Zulu Got 3 Caribou near work so far she likes Grave Digger Broad Heads 338 Mag Kodabow arrows

    Sitka Joe
  9. Oppie

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    Maybe we should go together, You blame me, I blame you, confuse the Mrs long enough to get outta site :D
  10. You should visit Kodabow they have a nice in door Range when I visit my mom and brother in lower 48 NJ I stop by Kodabow a little unknown fact Kodabow also sells a Private line of Recurve Trad bows /
  11. one eye joe

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    You should visit Kodabow they have a nice in door Range when I visit my mom and brother in lower 48 NJ I stop by Kodabow a little unknown fact Kodabow also sells a Private line of Recurve Trad bows /

    How is Susie Q. these days? I think Chuck was a little disappointed she didn't show to pick up her bow.
    Welcome to Crossbow Predators!
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  12. :D
    Not 100% sure about her, Chuck did get to meet my kid Brother again,Chuck and I go back a long time my brother used sell his bows in his old shop I hear that shop still special orders Kodabows ,I heard through the thread wild grape vine that SusieQ ran off with a Pittsburg PA member 30 years her age guess the guy has money or good cross bows. I hear he the jealous type that makes two of them ..:mad::confused::eek::rolleyes: Thanks for asking about SusieQ she sure is a pretty woman!

    Glad see you here!!!
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  13. Masboy

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    I would be up to paying them a visit sometime after hunting season an shooting one an meeting a fellow member :)
  14. Masboy{you gota try a Kodabow no going back after hunting with one}

    Mom lives (Nj) 45 mins away from Kodabow I am seeing Mom after the Xmass Holidays long trip down from AK maybe we can hook up you can meet the Original Rock Star of AT I'll buy Dinner share some Alaska stories and special foods .I like meet alot of my AT friends we could all Quail Hunt together at Moms farm we might meet my old school friend the famous SusieQ she might be there too for Q hunt.
  15. Masboy

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    I would be up to get together of some members there sometime. Just would not feel right having my dinner bought. just a country boy here that loves to hunt an shoot anything that will fling something :p
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  16. we eat some Quail
  17. Oppie

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    X2 if it'll shoot, I'm in
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  18. ldock

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    Yea I did the oh no. I read one eyed joe's review and just so happened one came up for sale with everything I needed to be able to shoot and hunt with it. Never seen anything but a picture before but now I am a convert hook line and sinker. Wow what a bow.
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    Good grab! Good luck with it!
  20. Brubaker

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    One of these days I will be stopping in to shoot one of these! Great review thanks.

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