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Discussion in 'Crossbow Hunting - Deer' started by xcaliber, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. xcaliber

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    So I got a call on my cell while at work, and could not answer. It was Doris, the land owner where I will be hunting on uncle Kenny's old land, and the in-laws woods. She has always been a sweetie to me, and my family. 27 years ago when I first hunted their land, they greeted me at the door at 5:10 am with coffee, and breakfast. Doris & Dale. Dale passed on about 20 years ago, and Doris met the nicest man, and they married. Tom is his name, the most down to earth man you could meet, and completely understanding when we talk of Dale. Which we try to keep at a minimum around him. Anyway, way back then Doris had a porch enclosed which she called her barn room. It was chock full of barn stuff, old saw blades painted, and paintings, etc. My wife had an old hand painted barn picture that told me to give to Doris. Well, she mentioned today that it is now the centerpiece of her new kitchen on the farm house. She told me that the doctor will not release Tom to travel to Florida until after the holidays. They are staying on the farm. Doris says she is delighted to hear that I'm coming out to hunt there again, and cannot wait to meet the young hunting apprentice. Tom gets on the phone and tells me he has patterned a big ten point buck. Can't wait.
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  2. MI_Bowhunter

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    Nice. Sounds like the making of a memorable season.
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  3. xcaliber

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    I'm hoping it will be. We did take some deer off the land years ago, and Doris the deer population is pretty strong. I'm not a trophy hunter, so deer numbers being high is good news to me.
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    Good luck, Dan. Sounds great.
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  5. Masboy

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    Glad for you Dan! just good to hear about some great people out there !
    good luck ,thin the herd :p
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  6. xcaliber

    xcaliber Active Member

    Thanks Frank, after last year I need a good season. I think my Mother is helping me out!
  7. Oppie

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    Life is good! Enjoy your visit and good luck man!
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    When I was in college I hunted the property of one of my dads friends. Due to ensuing jods, etc I had not been out there for many years. A few years ago I ran into him and his wife at a spring turkey hunting seminar. They invited me back out and Ive been hunting with them ever since.

    You never know how life will play out.
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  9. xcaliber

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    Love it man! That's the best of our world. :)

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