Little Franky is here!

Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by jacol84, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Little Franky uncocked 1.jpg Little Franky cocked 2.jpg

    Well, Little Franky, the RDT frankenbow by Tim Burkhardt, got here a bit ago. It is pretty cool, to say the least. It's 31 7/8" long, 14" ata uncocked, and 9 3/8" cocked. Tim "let it out" a bit to put less pressure on the limbs after one limb in the first set got a very small splinter (I think it's quite usable). It started out shooting in the high 380s, then a longer harness brought it down to about 365. One more change and put the new limb set in, and it's at 355 with a 400+ grain arrow. Plenty fast for me, and more available if I want it for some reason. It's, by far, the quietest crossbow I've shot. I thought my SS was quiet until I shot this. Machine work is very impressive. This will be my 2019 crossbow. It is so very different from what I've been shooting, I need to spend plenty of time getting used to it. It needs a Guardian so I don't destroy all the work with a brain fart. Many thanks to Tim. I've sent him some things as a thank you, but I'm still heavily on the debt side of the ledger.

    Still very, very thankful for the DTM hybrid that was a generous gift from Brian last year. It is still my #1 hunting bow. After passing on a medium 8 pt. twice last year, I hope to put a nice buck on the ground with it this year. Thanks again, Brian. I am blessed indeed.
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    Thats sweet Jeff. Burky did an nice job on that. 355 is the "sweet spot " good luck with it.
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    Oh, good things come to good people. ;)
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    That is one sweet looking bow!
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    That's Awesome Jeff! You are blessed! About the perfect speed imo!

    I want one!:D
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    Little Franky at the range.jpg Little Franky target at 40.jpg

    Well, on this warm, muggy, but windless day, I just had to go play. As I thought, this thing will take some getting used to, but has tons of potential. Was able to get my TR 525 on there and comfy. The only arrows I had set up to with moon nocks were my XX75 mags that I used for 3D this summer. Target is at 40, and the arrow in the right does have just a bit of nock end wobble to it. Trigger is light, but kind of a longer pull. It's a Middleton trigger. No slop in the linkage at all though. Cocking is really different, but not hard. Lack of noise and recoil is :eek::D. Was able to make a slight timing adjustment with the padded screwdriver thing. Easy peasy. I want to try some Parker capture nocks and carbons at some point. I have some ideas of what I want to do stock wise and arrow wise that will take some time, but hope to have this really dialed in for 2019 3D and hunting. Tim said 355 with a 412, and I started with the scope as it was set for these same arrows with my SS - 330 fps. It shot high at 40 at that setting, so I had to turn it up to very close to 340, and the elevation was right. It's hunting season now, and I'm not hunting, so that has to change. Unless I get lucky with the Patriot 380 early, it will be a couple of months before I get to spend much time refining me and the stuff that will go with this bow. Good thing being a parent and former teacher has taught me patience.;)
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    Looks like a shooter ! sounds like you got it figured out what you want to do. I would like a quiet crossbow but never had one. good luck on the hunting!
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    OK, last post on this for a while. Wanted to try some carbons, so I had some 5 yr. old BEEs, refletched and put moon nocks in them. With the gentle launch of this bow, I'd think BEEs would be just as good as Zombies, but time will tell. Scope setting is well above chono speed:confused:. I have a theory, but it will take some experimenting to figure out. That's it for now. Couldn't hunt today, but I will be in the stand with the Patriot 380 tomorrow.:D:D LF @ 40 with BEEs.jpg LF speed ring?.jpg
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