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    I decided I wanted to keep the long stroker but make it into a shorter instinctive shooting recurve .got out the old hand tools an made this 16 1/2 inch stroke to 12 inches.looks good an I fit the riser to the rail a little high to make the string pressure just touch the,s made for vertical arrows only as they fit in the riser arrow groove not touching an made it possible to leave the riser higher for the string pressure.bare with no sights or anything else for instinctive shooting ,also done a trigger job on it while I had it apart, wanted to be able to cock it by hand an no problem as I did it for the first three shots I shot out of it freehand at 20 yds. robin hooded the 3 shot :eek:then quit with these 350gr 20 inch vertical arrows.can,t wait to get my first deer with it an a good razer sharp 2 blade head. Most the deer I shoot I could hit them with
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