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Discussion in 'General Crossbow Discussion' started by Masboy, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Masboy

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    The boy was up to get it tonight with the 4 20 inch BEE I made him with 110 brass inserts,plastic nocks ,2 inch razer feathers. he tryed it out an partial dryfired the first shot an no damage ,I said make sure you have the arrow all the way back an checked it this time. he shot an same thing with arrow dropping in front of target . this time the cable came apart all over but still on the bow :eek:

    I seen enough as he was disappointed in his new bow so I said we can try my ibex front end on it . we did an it fit an was ready to go after I found him a front this time I had enough an offered him my new scoped vortex ready to go for the pile of junk ,he said he would rather keep his own :eek: he shot it an it did fine with the same arrows . he asked if I had any broadheads,rope cocker ,I said yes an I will get them put together tomorrow. He took the bow an all his junk parts an headed home on his scooter.

    I got the feeling he thought I was trying to take advantage of him in a swap :oops: I just figured I would mess with the junk at a later time if he wanted my one an only personal bow an get him ready to hunt .for my help an my parts ,strings,arrows I gave others I have never took a penny for anything . I have swapped a few things to forum members an gave others things for free like they have done me. I,ve never seen anything but good come on from helping others.
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  2. jacol84

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    That's a shame, Frank. Wonder why it dry fired? I think you are right, the kid probably just didn't know what you were offering him.
  3. Masboy

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    When I looked at how the arrow set against the string after the first dryfire it did look to be setting a little high in there. why ????? The 2 inch razor feathers were well worn from lots of shooting an a real low profile. I only shot it twice before an maybe alittle dryfire then loud as it was. I have no ideal why???? Glad he didn,t take my offer ,I don,t need the aggravation as I know nothing about compound bows.
  4. bbahunter

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    Frank, i don't know the conversation you had with the kid, but he may just feel like you have done alot for him already, and he in turn didn't want to take anymore advantage of you? JMO
    Too bad about the the bow though, but it would have been only a matter of time that it would have blown apart.
    Especially since it was probably original string and cables too.
    Nice of you to help the kid out though.
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  5. Masboy

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    Maybe that,s what he was thinking? I know he works all the time like most Amish kids an not much play time.figured I would give him something that was ready to hunt an sighted in if he wanted it .if I had got it I would have
    put the ibex front end on it,scope mount ,red dot for hunting. I would have had no use for the front end at all. I told him the front ends no use to him an better off with a recurve front end.i told him mabye someone will trade him one an he seemed interested.
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  6. jacol84

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    Since they are neighbors, you could always talk with his dad and explain what happened and what you were trying to do.

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