Middleton's Magic Numbers

Discussion in 'Middleton Crossbows' started by Munch007, Apr 11, 2019.

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    When I picked up the second bow I was comparing them and noticed these numbers on the limbs of the G3. 20190316_011058.jpg same on both limbs. Then when I disassembled the G2 after I blew up the limb I discovered these numbers 20190411_233911.jpg I'm Thinking they're #'s for QC tests done. Anyone have any ideas
    At least I've got a matching set on the bow now ;)
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    The 61.3 is a deflection #. Middleton's limbs varied some in terms of deflection. The full size (36") limbs that I had ranged from 58.5 to 66. During that time, I had a DTM 330 (14.5" power stroke). I can check my files to be sure, but I believe at 14.5", the 66 deflection limbs had 30# more draw weight than the 58.5 limbs.
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