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    That is our limit in GA also. 10 does and 2 bucks no matter what weapon or season you hunt.
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    Do you guys in Georgia have any deer left? Wow that's a lot of reproduction not creating replacements, or are you severely overpopulated by whitetails. Mind you there is no Winter Kill right. Just the same that is a lot of deer. Here we thought we were lucky for a few years when we were allowed One Buck and two Does. We never took the second Doe as we knew it was reducing our deer herd dramatically and it did , I remember in the 70's when I hunted in Ontario, a group hunting next to us took 8 Does out, we never saw another Deer for the next six years, like my Father in Law said, shoot all the mothers and you won't have any deer for quite awhile. He was right and I never forgot it. What kind of shape is the Georgia Deer Herd in? Will it keep sustaining that incredible Harvest of 2 Bucks and 10 Does?????
  3. robertyb

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    We still have a few hanging around. Most of us shoot a doe or 2 for our freezers and call it good. I only know a few people that have ever shot their limits on does but I am sure some people do. We do not have a winter kill but we did have a case of blue tongue in N Ga this year so my club is not shooting any does this year as the disease killed more than we would ever take out of the herd. From the shooting I am hearing I don't think others are doing the same though.
    I would like to go back to 2 bucks and 2 does for a limit but our DNR does not agree.

    I forgot to add: Every day since Nov. 2nd has been a doe day here and it goes through mid Jan.
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    Robert: Sounds like Alberta, it's not about the animals but the money from the licences. As long as the Fish and Wildlife departments are responding to some elected jerk, the animals will loose and the money wins. Good for you guys taking into consideration the loss from Blue Tongue.
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    Cold an windy here today but heading out on the old four wheeler this evening behind my home. got the EOTech on my 460 s&w an it,s ready for it,s first kill to break the ice with it .this will be only my second time out .tomorrows the last day an will try to get out. no boat hunting the river this year with all the wind an high water as it,s not safe . I will get n some flintlock hunting after Christmas in the two week season, may even get out for some river hunting if it,s not iced up.my old TC 54 cal is a real killer with round balls an very accurate.
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    Frank: Sounds like you do it all, good for you , that's what keeps us old guys going . Water in the north at this time of year can be dangerous due to high levels and the cold, smart plan. Let us know how you make out with the smoke pole. Cheers: Cactus
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    We finally got a break in the weather and managed to get out the second week with some success, but that's another topic I'll try to get started. Still lots of deer around here for the late season guys.
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