Momma bear with cubs picked the wrong spot for her den.

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    From the PGC facebook page.

    An adult female bear with a history of activity in and around Galeton, located in Potter County PA., chose to den against a house, which is not necessarily a problem. In fact, two years ago this same site was used by a hibernating bear, most likely the same one as this year, without incident.

    However, this year the bear had caused sufficient damage to the exterior wall, enough that repairs were needed. Further, the residence is in the process of changing ownership, and with the bear’s history of activity in town, the decision was made to move the bear.

    Game Commission staff visited the site a few weeks ago and prepared to immobilize and relocate the bear, but discovered newborn cubs that were likely only hours old. Concerned about moving newborn cubs, the effort was postponed to provide time for the cubs to further develop.

    Game Commission staff, with the assistance of Deputy Game Wardens and Galeton Borough of Police, returned to the residence and safely immobilized the bear and relocated her with four healthy cubs to a den site in a remote area of McKean County.

    The new den consisted of a brush pile, hollowed out and lined with straw. The adult bear weighed an estimated 275 pounds, and the cubs, now fully covered with fine black hair, weighed approximately one pound each. At birth, black bear cubs typically weigh about eight ounces. The new den site will be monitored throughout the remainder of the winter.

    Black bears easily adapt to living close to people, and every year we hear of several examples where bears choose to hibernate under or against porches or homes. These bears, like any other bear, pass the winter without incident, typically vacating the site before April. Rarely is intervention needed or in the bear’s best interest. However, in this case, a unique combination of circumstances required an exception and we hope the bears enjoy their new den.

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    There cute little baby's ,I want one :oops::p
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    They're all fun & games until they get around 400 lbs :oops:.
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